Parallel Path | Ten Year Anniversary
We’re celebrating 10 years of providing
innovative digital solutions.


Is it possible to live in a world in which brands evolve at the same speed as their customers so the right people receive the right message at the right time and place? We think so. Data Driven Evolution


Reach the right people with the right message at the right time.

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A breath of fresh data

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Welcome aboard. We are a data-driven Internet marketing agency that will creatively and analytically drive online brand outreach through all your customer touch points.

The "silo" approach to online marketing befuddles us. Instead, we look at all of your branding initiatives and match them with digital programs that make sense. Your brand should get the consistency, interaction and conversion rates that it deserves, and that happens when a team of really smart people care enough to give you the clarity and depth of insight to your traffic. We believe that higher ROI is not solely a result of more traffic, it's about your (our) ability to respond to data.

We have experience, a staff of thinkers and the intellectual property that separates Parallel Path from the pack.

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Parallel Path is my go-to team of web analysts and search experts.