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Our Internet marketing blog is dedicated to you, the CMO, Marketing VP and Customer Intelligence (CI) professional with the intention of sharing how the right data and metrics can blow your mind. Okay, not actually, because that would hurt, but this is where we share a regular dose of data analysis, case studies and observations from the field. This is our take on relevant industry news, trends and the latest tips and tricks for web analytics, SEO, paid search and other juicy tid-bits that will impact you, the executive marketing god that you are. So, go ahead, add us to your RSS feed or sign-up for our email subscription or visit us all the time. We won't tell anyone if you stalk us. It'll be our little secret.

September 27, 2013

Siloing Navigation and Creating a High Authority Website Structure

Matt NeSmith

Three new and one old grain silo, plus a tractor.  Taken in rural Montana.

One of the easiest ways to build authority within your website is to use the pages within your site. While we often hear that gaining backlinks is the best way to gain link juice, your website needs to be setup so that it can accept this authority and distribute it across the pages that matter. The methods explained in this article also take your existing authority and consolidate it so that even in its current state, you can build authority to certain pages within your website without gaining an extra link.

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September 23, 2013

Parallel Path Gets Down and Dirty to Aid Boulder County Flood Victims


team with billy with victory shovel

Last Friday, the team at Parallel Path banded together to aid in the flood recovery efforts in Boulder County. We were able to help Jeremy and his family, who live at the bottom of Left Hand Canyon.  Just south of Lyons, the Left Hand Canyon area was one of the earliest and hardest hit areas of what quickly became a massive county and state-wide flood.
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September 17, 2013

The Role of Content in Ecommerce

Chris Thompson

There is a prevalent thought that content does not have a place in ecommerce. The typical arguments against content are that it impedes and distracts from a sale, that it does not fit nicely into the site architecture, or that it is a marketing “issue”. I would argue that content is an absolute necessity to a successful SEO strategy for any ecommerce business.

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September 11, 2013

Do You Need to Clean Up Your Data?

Matt NeSmith


iStock_000014928621XSmall - Copy

Analytics is one of the best tools available for tracking a wide variety of metrics related to your website. Want to know how much traffic you are receiving for any given time period? Covered. Want to see how visitors are moving through your site after they reach it? You can do that too. But Analytics is only as good as the user behind the keyboard, and sometimes the data you are seeing may not be entirely accurate.

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September 5, 2013

Our Journey to Becoming an Inc. 5000 Company

Brian Cleveland
inc 5000

This week we announced that Parallel Path is one of the fastest growing private companies in the United States and has landed on the coveted Inc. 5000 list. The details of the award can be found here in our press release, but it made me stop and take a moment to reflect on where we came from just over three years ago…

In early 2009 Parallel Path was sharing tight industrial space with an engineering firm.

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