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Parallel Path | Ten Year Anniversary
We’re celebrating 10 years of providing
innovative digital solutions.


Parallel Path = Data Driven Evolution

Is it possible to live in a world in which brands evolve at the same speed as their customers so the right people receive the right message at the right time and place? We think so.

In fact, we know so. Online marketing isn't just about "being found" on search engines. It's about socially driven, multi-channel user engagement where each channel impacts the others. The tactics are evolving. Social networking and personalization are increasing. Online marketing cannot, should not and is not an afterthought once a corporate website is designed and pushed live. We believe that online marketing should be done in coordination with an overall marketing and brand development strategy. We believe that the full value of online marketing can be realized. Most importantly, we believe online marketing is a data-driven evolution where valuable data about the entire customer lifecycle, both online and offline, are seized.



We are severe data geeks.

It gives us pure satisfaction knowing that the facts, figures and statistics coming from various digital properties will make our clients the marketing and branding heroes of today. Coordinating, tracking and reporting on multi-channel strategies is difficult for other online marketing firms, but not for our whizzes. We know who is looking for your product and how to influence their buying decisions today, tomorrow and the next day.

When human judgment and big data intersect there are some funny things that happen.

Nate Silver

We offer more than just a few tools and tactics. We look at your entire online marketing program holistically. Our x-ray data vision lets us take valuable metrics and tell you when it's right to continue, start and stop campaigns based on the facts, not some wishy-washy feelings. If we see an issue or areas for improvement for your online marketing campaigns, we won't hold back, we'll tell you about them. The best part is that we have experience doing all of this for some of the largest, most profitable, enterprises in the world.

As data scientists, we understand how to creatively and analytically drive online brand outreach through all your customer touch points, and provide the consistent market intelligence needed to make the right business decisions. CI professionals rely on our expertise, processes, and flexibility across a wide gamut of web analytics services. That's why we're here to stay.

In a nutshell, we make you and your team look good. Very good. We've helped heaps of senior marketing executives reach, understand and convert their target audiences online while justifying the cost of their online marketing programs. No more questioning the ROI of your campaigns, SERP placement, and lead-gen tools. Our web analytics gurus won't just tell you how your website and digital assets are treating your bottom line, we'll show you the data, graphs and analysis to prove it. By making it our business to understand your business, we are vested to understand your internal struggles and impediments to make suggestions and implement solutions that get beyond organizational bureaucracy. We are a tried and true online marketing partner.

So sit back, relax and trust that our über data, digital marketing consultants have you covered.


Our customers refer to us as "data scientists," a moniker we fully embrace. It hits at the core of what we do on a day-to-day basis to transform website metrics from just numbers into brilliant nuggets of wisdom for our clients. We have a knack for statistics mixed with a strong desire to get your online programs working for you, not against you. We're an effervescent, hard working team of web nerds located in the heart of Boulder, Colo.

Lora Baker

Lora Baker [ + ]

Web Analyst

Moving from Indiana to Colorado, it is hard to say where Lora found her love for sushi, but offer her a spicy tuna roll and she's putty in your hands. Lora improves website performance through problem-solving and data analysis at Parallel Path. Her experience in customer service has led her to become a guarantor of 100% client satisfaction. Being a mom to two young kids certainly keeps Lora on her toes, but she still tries to find time to keep up with her favorite football teams (the Colts and the Broncos, of course!)

Chloe Beaupre

Chloe Beaupre [ + ]

Earned Media Associate

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Bryan Boettiger

Bryan Boettiger [ + ]

Co-Founder, COO & CSO

A gifted fine artist, Bryan found an additional niche in his ability to excel in the online industry. After teaming with his family in 2002 in an online business venture, Bryan became intrigued by how the science of online data mixed with the creative nature of marketing and proceeded to grow his knowledge in all things online, from web usability to content marketing, display advertising, paid search, SEO and web analytics. Today he serves as the COO at Parallel Path, focusing on strategy, marketing, delivery and daily interaction with clients in the U.S. and abroad. When not solving the everyday puzzles of growing and managing an agency, this Colorado native and self-confessed designer clothes snob is most likely spending time with his beautiful wife, hiking one of Colorado's many 14'ers, playing hockey or coaching the soccer and hockey teams of his two young sons, Truman and Harry.


Tagg Bozied [ + ]

Performance Media Specialist

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Brian Cleveland

Brian Cleveland [ + ]

Founder and CEO

Brian founded Parallel Path in 2005 after successfully implementing online marketing tactics to grow his engineering firm, Percept Technology Labs. As the CEO of Parallel Path, Brian has grown the company 30% year-over-year. A graduate from Cal Poly's School of Engineering, Brian had a successful engineering career with several start-ups and holds six patents in information technology. When he's not busy engaging with staff and clients, he develops predictive models for online campaign behavior. Brian has spent the last 18 years building strong, sustainable companies and has been honored to play a pivotal role in Boulder's thriving tech startup scene. A native Californian always on the prowl for the perfect wave, Brian swapped body surfing for skiing over 30 years ago to come to Colorado with his wife to raise their three children — now young adults in high school and college.

Wendy Devine

Wendy Devine [ + ]

Senior Business Manager

Being a gadget-geek obsessed with procuring the latest and greatest tech toys conveniently aids Wendy in successfully juggling her many responsibilities at Parallel Path, which range from office management, marketing and branding and event planning to accounting and HR. With a degree in and passion for graphic design, Wendy brings a trained eye and creative thinking to her role as Business Manager. A Boulder native, Wendy is the go-to resource for quirky knowledge of the area and when she's not in the office, you might find her garden or tackling the list of books she has downloaded.

Jesse Farley

Jesse Farley [ + ]

Senior Earned Media Strategist

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Leigh Furlong

Leigh Furlong [ + ]

Digital Project Manager

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Jon Ho

Jon Ho [ + ]

Paid Media Intern

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Hardy Kalisher

Hardy Kalisher [ + ]

VP Strategic Consulting & Bus. Dev.

Hardy plays a pivotal role at Parallel Path as the VP of Strategic Consulting & Business Development, catalyzing client and agency to work in tandem to achieve tangible goals. No stranger to goals, Hardy coaches soccer for youth and at risk teens and watches with eager anticipation for Copa Mundial to score a goooool! In 2013 Hardy coached Boulder High School to its first ever State Championship. A Bay Area transplant, Hardy has been an entrepreneur for 22 years in online marketing since 1998. He was named the 2002 National Promoter of the Year by URB Magazine in Los Angeles. No biggie.

Carrie Kleist

Carrie Kleist[ + ]

Strategic Consultant

Carrie Kleist is a Strategic Consultant at Parallel Path where she strives to define, communicate and lead digital research and strategy processes for clients. She brings a wealth of B2B and B2C experience from her previous roles at advertising and PR agencies such as Bader Rutter and Laughlin Constable where she worked with clients such as the Harley-Davidson Museum, the Wisconsin Dept. of Tourism, Kimberly-Clark and Delta Dental. Carrie is a Cheesehead from Milwaukee (although she prefers dark chocolate with a side of wine) and holds a degree from Wisconsin Lutheran College. The oldest of seven siblings, Carrie is a world traveler having visited places like China, Czech Republic and Dominican Republic. When she's back at home, she enjoys volunteering at the Colorado Horse Rescue, her church and searching for hole-in-the-wall restaurants with the best enchiladas.

Nick Miller[ + ]

Senior Strategic Consultant

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Danny Moscoso

Danny Moscoso[ + ]

Internet Marketing Associate

Danny Moscoso is an Internet Marketing Specialist at Parallel Path where he works with the SEO team working on achieving client goals. Prior to Parallel Path Danny discovered his passion for wellness and healthcare while working at a residential treatment center for kids and serving as a board member at Rocky Mountain Cares, an HIV service organization. Originally from Arvada, Colorado, Danny is a mountaineer at heart and has hiked and backpacked 20 thousand foot peaks such as Huayna Potosi in Bolivia.

Alix Robinson

Alix Robinson[ + ]

Associate Strategic Consultant

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John Schoofs

John Schoofs [ + ]

VP of Digital

As our residing 'true' Minnesotan John Schoofs, has been a Colorado resident and explorer since 2009 and has taken full advantage of all Colorado has to offer. As an avid (well, more than avid, they just haven't invented the word yet) cyclist (road, cyclo-cross, mountain, you name it) and skier (downhill, tele), Schoofs applies that same passion to his super in-depth knowledge of web analytics. Having worked in the industry for nearly a decade, his background in online marketing, coding, and web analytics has served to create, enhance and innovate PP's 360 Degree Tracking solution. John uses his analytical skills to hone in on clients' data marketing needs to build upon, refine, and enhance clients' current SEM campaigns to bring them up to the next level of overall ROI.

Casey Winslow

Casey Winslow [ + ]

Staff Web/Creative Designer

Casey, Staff Web/Creative Designer, is the epitome of a Coloradan. Originally from Buena Vista, Casey worships the Colorado Avalanche, wishes he were a 29er Mountain Bike and is grateful for oxygen. He'd rather be snowboarding or rock climbing than chilling at the beach. 'Nuff said. A graduate of Colorado State University, Casey has been helping solve visual problems - print design, web design, marketing design - for over ten years.