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360° Tracking

Back to the future, online to offline.

Tracking is about attribution. Attribution is about understanding your performance and in turn making solid data driven business decisions across your entire marketing strategy. So why, then, does so much of the online world forget the rest of the world?

What happens when a person visits a website, checks out a social page or sees an online campaign and then they pick-up the phone? How can a company know if their marketing efforts online have truly influenced a person to ultimately buy a product or service offline? If your customers prefer to communicate with your team via chat or phone, is it possible to attribute that revenue to the right channel?

We know these questions keep you up at night. Our 360° Tracking program quells anxiety by tying true revenue with online click-stream data to determine which online marketing campaigns are generating mad dollars. For example, our technology enables the capture of lead form, telephone and chat conversations with a sales rep and translates the meta-data and keywords through your marketing automation system and into your CRM, (such as Salesforce). This means that information from the conversation goes straight back into the marketing channel(s) to enable timely and transparent performance decisions.

360° Tracking enables attribution and offers data-clarity to make sound analytical and business decisions. With full transparency of your program — who is coming in, from where, and when — you can effectively create marketing programs that will impact customers both online and off while running at an above-zero margin. Come on now, go get your zzz's and leave the tracking to us.