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Enterprise Web Analytics Implementation and Data Analysis

Without the proper data architecture, your branding efforts will crumble. Our enterprise web analytics program is all-inclusive, taking into account the complete analytics lifecycle, from design, to implementation, to ongoing support. We make it possible to orchestrate multi-disciplinary teams and adjust cross-brand campaigns because we make your data work for you.

There are handfuls of online marketing firms out there, and the large majority of them are worse than mediocre. They dump data and offer a few tactical suggestions based on your web analytics and call it a day. Not with us. We are analysts with a proven process.

Before we ever start tinkering with your outreach/marketing, we perform a comprehensive solutions audit so that we can ensure data consistency and sound data collection, this enables smart, strategic planning before we/you deploy a channel, campaign or test.

Once we’ve designed your custom web analytics solution we deploy it while managing the tags through our CDN to keep your data sound. Our analysts then use your clean data sets to untangle the web of source, behavior, and engagement metrics. All of this to accurately deliver actionable optimization recommendations be they shifts in budget allocation due to an under/over performing channel, tactical adjustments mid-campaign, new A/B tests, cart optimizations, buying cycle content additions, or competitive market intelligence. Parallel Path’s web analytics programs are built with the intention of creating and maintaining a feedback loop across your brand profile.

Bottom-line; data analysis, done right, gives you the insight to evolve your brand and effectively reach customers. From interaction, to results, to data-driven evolution.