How to Turn a Passion for Analytics Into Successful Sports Management

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The analytics profession has grown substantially with the advent of new technologies and the integration of powerful statistical software. Across the profession we now see Business Analysts, Risk Analysts, Healthcare Analysts, and Web Analysts to name a few. While the context of the content being analyzed differs, by-and-large the math that is used remains the same. Statistical tests can be … Read More

Applicability of R in Online Marketing Analysis

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In any industry, data analysis is often supplemented by powerful statistical packages. Currently, competition exists between some of the big named programs like SAS and SPSS, both of which are used extensively in educational and professional settings. Powerful and efficient, these programs have paved the way for major improvements in data analysis, and are often the cornerstone backing research and … Read More

How Statistics Drive Smarter Marketing

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  Online marketing is a complex, ever evolving combination of elements including timing, segmentation, and brand recognition.  Paid search marketing teams work diligently to find the perfect mix of these components in order to allocate resources properly, and generate pertinent client recommendations. While the correct use of the aforementioned elements are ‘tried-and-true,’ what about statistics?  Most of us have horror … Read More