The Impact is Real: Google’s Encrypted Search

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Tom Bright Internet Marketing Specialist Google announced this week that they are encrypting searches for users logged in by default. What that means to the SEO industry is that search queries won’t be available for reporting within Google Analytics, nor will they be available from referring search URLs. The data is available at a roll-up level, however term-level detail for … Read More

Google +1 Effect on PPC

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Tracy Earles VP of Marketing & Business Development Bryan Connally recently wrote a blog post on Google’s new social recommendation tool, +1. In particular, he addressed whether your site should implement +1. While his analysis was fairly broad (i.e. should your site participate or not), I’d like to take a narrower look at +1’s effect on pay-per-click advertising with Adwords. Google … Read More

Should Your Site Implement Google +1?

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Bryan Connally Staff Internet Marketing Specialist Some background info on Google +1 for SEO: Google has stated that “+1” for websites will be used as a social signal to help determine a page’s relevance for a particular search query and ultimately its ranking. This will likely be rolled out in a controlled manner so that Google can ascertain how the … Read More

ICANN’s Release of gTLDs: More .Hype than .Hope

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  David DuBois Search Engine Optimization Specialist June 20, 2011 – The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) made an announcement that it would open its list of generic top-level domains (gTLDs) to anyone willing to dish out the $185,000 application fee. Registration for these domains will be open from January 12 to April 12, 2012, and will … Read More

Take Back Your Brand

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Jeff Edwards Internet Marketing Specialist The rewards of having a well known brand name are obvious. A well executed brand strategy can make your company much more recognizable and trusted by consumers. This can pay off when it comes to sales, and can lead to a huge ROI for your company. Chances are if you work for one of these … Read More

How Do I Start Advertising on Facebook?

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Bryan Connally Internet Marketing Specialist 2009 was a big year for Facebook. In May, comScore reported 70.2 million US unique visits for Facebook (up 97% year over year) passing Myspace .com for the first time. Later the same year, UK based analytics firm Hitwise tweeted that on December 29th Facebook had more unique visits than This effectively made … Read More

SEM is Getting Harder (SEM is Not For the Amateur)

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Tracy Earles VP of Marketing Inbound marketing is much more difficult than five years ago. Why? And why should it matter to you? Can’t a company run its own search marketing campaigns? The main reason that search marketing is more difficult is that it is more competitive. Advertising dollars are fleeing traditional media, like TV or print, and moving into … Read More

The Importance of Call Reporting & PPC

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Bryan Connally Internet Marketing Specialist While many of clients I work with already have established and highly successful PPC campaigns, they are still looking for more ways of driving additional traffic and revenue. Since most of the time these clients already run highly targeted campaigns with proven ad copy and robust conversion rates, finding additional sources of traffic and revenue … Read More

Marketing in a Down Economy with Google Website Optimizer

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Bryan Connally Internet Marketing Specialist Most inbound marketers and business leaders these days have a similar set of questions on their mind. The majority of these questions revolve around how to most successfully market their products and services in the current economic downturn.  For marketers that use online channels to accomplish anything from ecommerce sales to lead generation, there is … Read More

Using Both PPC Advertising & SEO

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Lora Baker Internet Marketing Specialist For a Technical Writing class back in 1996, one of my homework assignments involved looking up eight different well-known phrases on six different search engines. This was before the days when students all had laptops, so I trudged over to the library to start my assignment. I wasn’t even 100% certain what the internet was, … Read More