Almost all buying cycles start with search. People can’t buy from companies they can’t find. That’s why we think about Search Engine Optimization as an approach to marketing rather than a channel.

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What’s the value of SEO? Good SEO earns you traffic. Great SEO earns you relevant traffic. Parallel Path’s best-in-class SEO achieves your marketing goals. 

While the goals, offerings, resources, and dynamics vary from company to company, SEO is a commitment to your audience to meet them where they are — to be available for them whenever they need, in a way that will best serve them. When a brand earns engagement from its audience, it naturally develops deeper, longer-lasting connections that grow. To accomplish this, brands must focus on four key SEO pillars: accessibility, relevance, reach, and health

Accessibility — The goal of accessibility is to be discovered by your audiences 

Accessibility ensures that the search engines can properly crawl, index and understand a website(s) and its assets. Examples of an initial and ongoing accessibility analysis and audit include:

Relevance — The establishment of relevance will define the contents of the web pages for both visitors and search engines. 

Relevance assures that the search engines accurately return an appropriate web page on the search query results.  Activities to establish relevance may include, but are not limited to:

Reach — The expansion of your brand's reach will expose its content, offerings, and brand to targeted and relevant audiences.  

It is in the reach phase that the greatest influence in increasing targeted traffic happens on and off-page.  Activities to increase reach may include, but are not limited to:

Health — SEO is not a set it and forget it channel. You earn organic traffic growth over time by maintaining the health of your website.

Static websites lose visibility in the search engines. It’s essential to provide regular upkeep on the health of a website via ongoing data-driven search engine optimization and continually auditing the accessibility, relevance and reach of the website because:


Local Listings

The more accurate citations there are of a brand, the better it performs on search engines like Google. A local listing is often the first impression and should be treated as an important touchpoint within a larger integrated marketing mix.

Review Management

When you work with Parallel Path to manage your business reviews, you let us help you have the best possible first impression for potential customers. We help manage your online reputation through carefully crafted campaigns that help increase brand affinity and sales.

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