We have no positions open at this time. However, no doesn’t mean never.

Parallel PathCareers

Parallel Path does not currently have any active open positions but as a growing agency that will change. So how do you get your foot in the door with one of the most admired and respected health, wellness, and lifestyle marketing agencies? That’s the rub. In this day and age of cold emails and Linkedin requests sometimes you have to go a bit deeper. We get it. It’s hard to get noticed. We’ve all gone through the process of getting hired and appreciate wanting to work with an agency located in Boulder, Colorado. A dozen’s if not a hundred applicants for a sign job opening is a daunting challenge to face. We can’t make any promises on what will work but it’s rare when someone takes the time to print a resume (who remembers resume paper?) and cover letter and send it to us via snail mail. We once spotted a young college student walking outside our Boulder office (did we mention it’s located just a block from the trailheads?) with a resume in hand, looking for the main entrance. It’s probably not a good sign if you can’t find our front door, but it did catch the eye of one of the agency leaders and the student was invited into the office for a quick tour and conversation. Two weeks later that college student started his first internship and is now a digital marketing manager at one of the leading ski resorts in North America. So, we aren’t hiring now but that doesn’t mean never and if you can find the front door, or not, anything is possible.