Helping a Leading Hospital Gain Unprecedented Paid Search Results

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Hospital Paid Search

Paid search account rebuild and optimization approach improves budget efficiency and ROI while connecting patients to the care they need



Determined to treat and heal more patients across their region, a leading hospital asked Parallel Path to achieve brand awareness growth and new patient acquisition goals by implementing a best-in-class paid search campaign strategy and management.  


Parallel Path was tapped to help mitigate paid search campaign inefficiencies, grow the hospital’s brand awareness and new patient acquisition goals across their state, in surrounding regions, and nationally, and maximize the reach of the available advertising budget.


Parallel Path was able to address inefficiencies within the previous managed paid search account through a deep audit, fully refreshed paid search strategy, and new account build, which included the following areas of focus:

  • Significant Keyword depth expansion (complete coverage of possible search queries)
  • Campaign setup (architecting the account to eliminate wasted spend)
  • Ad group relevance (customized by the department and targeted location)
  • Tracking strategy (focus on all engagement types, not just awareness metrics)
  • Optimization (continuous campaign enhancements and performance improvements)

The new account build allowed Parallel Path to create highly customized and relevant ad variations, reducing the required advertising cost while capturing better, more engaged site visitors.


The new paid search account build increased the relevant traffic to its content with a significantly more efficient cost. While the industry averaged a 14% increase in cost per click (cpc), the hospital was able to see a massive reduction in cpc of more than 43%. This industry trend-beating performance across multiple metrics led to more than a 71% ad click through rate improvement and 44% increase in traffic despite a 10% reduction in advertising spend.

All of the paid search optimization metrics led to a 60% increase in annual direct response conversion volume: a 122% increase in appointment requests, and a 43% increase in calls and patient referrals to the hospital’s practitioners. 

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