How Parallel Path Helped a Health Technology Startup Achieve a 4 Billion Dollar Valuation

Client Overview

Olive is a visionary automation company that is on a mission to revolutionize healthcare by creating the Internet of Healthcare. Olive’s core solution leverages artificial intelligence so that the industry can focus on what matters most — delivering exceptional care. The healthcare industry is burdened with inefficiencies and its workforce is doing more and more with fewer resources. Olive is more than a disruptor of the status quo, it’s a game-changer.



Many healthtech innovators and disruptors face two primary marketing challenges. First, they often bring forth solutions that the industry is not necessarily looking to solve. Second, there is a lack of awareness of new, innovative solutions, and/or purchase intent is not great enough to focus exclusively on capturing market share demand.

To execute Olive’s promise of improving the speed and accuracy of the high-volume, repetitive and manual tasks that healthcare workers do every day, it needed to increase the awareness of its solution within the healthcare industry.

As with any healthtech innovation, after developing the solution, the challenge for Olive was getting the industry to take notice.

In addition to increasing awareness of the Olive brand across the healthcare industry, Parallel Path was charged with simultaneously reaching decision-makers and influencers at key named accounts and, in turn, accelerating growth.


As the Olive business and product strategy evolved, marketing partners needed to be nimble to adapt and evolve accordingly. What didn’t change was Olive’s vision of solving a trillion-dollar waste problem in healthcare. In order to be the change it needed to be in the market, Olive’s marketing efforts would need to reach specific personas within hospitals and health systems.

Parallel Path’s market research identified where and how key buyers make purchase decisions.

Olive needed to earn the right to pitch its solution to hospitals’ operations and financial decision-makers and influencers. However, these people are bombarded daily with the clutter of healthcare B2B advertising and sales efforts, and getting them to take notice of a new product or solution is not an easy task. To accelerate and shorten the time frame for Olive to be seen as a significant innovator and emerging leader in healthcare, its branding approach and media strategy needed to be more aligned with what you might expect from the product launch playbook of Apple or Nike than a healthtech company.

By aligning its high-impact brand creative and messaging with ambitious media planning and laser focused audience targeting, Olive could create memorable and compelling connections with the people the company needed to reach.


Starting in 2017 Parallel Path delivered integrated digital-first marketing and communications strategies and solutions across the RMHP brand for each line of business with custom campaign development rooted in a strategic promise of being human-centric and data-driven. Annually, Parallel Path executes the RMHP marketing strategy across over 20+ media channels including Paid Search, Organic Search, Social Media, Display, ConnectedTV, Digital Audio, Print, Billboard, Cable TV, Broadcast TV, Terrestrial Radio, and Out of Home.

Prioritizing the entire consumer journey for each line of business, Parallel Path designed and developed the digital front door for increasing consumer engagement via custom micro-sites and landing pages in addition to strategic updates to core website pages.

Creative assets for open enrollment and always-on campaigns included cinematic short films, 30 and 15-second videos, print ads, out-of-home ads, display, social media ads, billboards, and audio ads.

In-flight optimizations are at the core of Parallel Path’s approach to maximizing marketing investment during open enrollment. With that approach in mind, Parallel Path implemented biweekly reporting and optimizations that were reviewed and discussed with RMHP key stakeholders.

To further improve execution excellence, Parallel Path established a unique position of marketing communications liaison working in parallel with the RMHP C-Suite to help establish, communicate and execute executive leadership priorities and initiatives.




  1. Olive has experienced accelerated growth since partnering with Parallel Path in 2019. The company has grown from a relatively modest start to a $1.5 Billion valuation in December 2020 and then a $4 Billion valuation in July 2021.
  2. Olive’s enterprise AI is now in place at more than 900 hospitals in over 40 U.S. states, including more than 20 of the top 100 U.S. health systems.


“We are a dynamic healthcare technology company that is growing fast, so we need a partner that has the right blend of vision and execution to get the job done. Parallel Path understands our ambitions and makes smart recommendations to help us achieve our goals. They are very data-driven which we appreciate and we are pleased with the results we are getting. And, they are fun to work with too!”

– Director of Marketing, Olive