Social Signals are Not a Ranking Factor

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There seems to be a lot of confusion about whether or not social channels like Facebook and Twitter have an effect on ranking. The myth is that if your post has a lot of likes, favorites, retweets, or shares that this will improve the ranking of that page in the SERPs. However, this is not true. What you are seeing … Read More

Blog Formatting and Style Best Practices

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  A blog is a valuable part of any website and is a great place to show your brand’s expertise and personality. While the actual content of each blog post on your site is very important, the way the content is presented should also be considered. The formatting and style of your posts has an impact on readability and could … Read More

Digital Security and the Future of Privacy Online

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Privacy has always been an issue when it comes to putting yourself and your business online, but with recent data breaches and personal information being shared publicly, it has moved to the forefront of public concern. Public Perceptions and Trends Internet users, including your businesses customers, are increasingly concerned about their privacy when it comes to interacting online. A survey … Read More

3 Tips for a Successful Site Migration

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At some point in the lifecycle of your business you will most likely need to make a significant change to your website architecture. This change may be reorganizing the current content on your site, redesigning your site, consolidating subdomains, or it may be moving your entire site onto another domain. Whatever the scenario may be, the act of moving content … Read More

2013 SEO Ranking Factors Explained

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Moz, the industry thought leader for SEO, released their annual research and analysis on the SEO ranking factors. Every year Moz performs an in-depth analysis in an attempt to answer the question “how do you rank number one on Google?” Unfortunately, the search engines do not share their actual algorithm, so we don’t know for certain which factors they truly … Read More

Organic Keyword Data: 100% Dead (not provided)

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  Recently we published an article on our blog about the increase of organic visits being attributed to (not provided). In that post, Chris Thompson uncovers data that shows how (not provided) has infectiously spread across our clients’ sites and, at the time of Chris’ post  in early August, 51% of visits to our clients sites were being attributed to … Read More

Do You Need to Clean Up Your Data?

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  Analytics is one of the best tools available for tracking a wide variety of metrics related to your website. Want to know how much traffic you are receiving for any given time period? Covered. Want to see how visitors are moving through your site after they reach it? You can do that too. But Analytics is only as good … Read More

The Changing Landscape of SEO

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    According to a recent study conducted by Dr. Pete Myers of Moz, 85% of today’s search engine result pages (SERPs) contain new features. These new features have been slowly rolled out over the past couple of years, but are growing in the markets that they impact. And while these new features can be seen as Google trying to … Read More

Yahoo Over Google? Not so Fast . . .

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Hot topic for August – Yahoo passes Google for the first time since 2011, according to ComScore’s monthly Top 50 US Web Properties list. Many news outlets and online bloggers have reported that this could be the big break Yahoo needs to pull themselves over the top of the mountain and reach the success that outdates them. But is this … Read More

What Happened to My Precious Keywords?

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(Not Provided) Increases to 51% of Referring Keywords In October of 2011, Google began encrypting search data in an effort to offer greater security to the personalized data of its users. As a result, the referring keywords used by people to find your content online were hidden in Google Analytics and replaced with (Not Provided). This was not a penalty … Read More

Let’s Get Personal; Why Your Rank Shouldn’t be Your Only Focus

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  It is easy to rely on keyword rankings as a determinant of SEO success, but whether you are tracking your rankings manually or using a tool to determine your position in search results automatically, the rankings shown won’t tell the whole story. Rankings are a barometer, but in the big picture, they’ve become too variable and personalized to be a singular … Read More

Recent Google Algorithm Updates Causing Ranking Volatility

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  Google has released multiple updates to its algorithm over the past several months, which have caused an increasing amount of volatility in the rankings. On May 22, 2013, Google confirmed the Penguin 2.0 update. On June 11, 2013, Google confirmed monthly updates of Panda. On June 25, 2013, Google confirmed a  phantom update rollout over the following weeks.   … Read More

SEO Experiments – Evolving the Parallel Path Organic Search Offering

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 Parallel Path’s Chief Data Office-fur A Google search for “search engine optimization” will return upwards of 64 million results – the majority of which are tips, tutorials, and beginner guides. Every SEO has their own opinion on what factors and elements affect SEO and to what degree, but not everyone can back these opinions with relevant data. That’s why the … Read More