A Journey Into RLSA

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In the summer of 2013, Google officially released a paid search advertising platform out of beta called “Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA)”. This ad platform gave us, as marketers, a new opportunity to use our audiences within our remarketing lists. Instead of just using remarketing lists on the display network, RLSA allows us to reach out to potential customers … Read More

Applicability of R in Online Marketing Analysis

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In any industry, data analysis is often supplemented by powerful statistical packages. Currently, competition exists between some of the big named programs like SAS and SPSS, both of which are used extensively in educational and professional settings. Powerful and efficient, these programs have paved the way for major improvements in data analysis, and are often the cornerstone backing research and … Read More

3 Tips for a Successful Site Migration

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At some point in the lifecycle of your business you will most likely need to make a significant change to your website architecture. This change may be reorganizing the current content on your site, redesigning your site, consolidating subdomains, or it may be moving your entire site onto another domain. Whatever the scenario may be, the act of moving content … Read More

I’m Thankful For . . Digital Technology

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‘Tis the season to take a look back and recognize what you are thankful for. While I am sure this title already looks like a shameless plug, I assure you it isn’t. Here is what I am thankful for this season: 1. My Job – Ok, again before you stop reading understand that without this technology I wouldn’t have a … Read More

How I Failed a Teammate by Not Listening

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  There is nothing more important that a leader can do than listen. Sadly, I recently failed a team member by not listening to them. Here was the situation – we brought on a new client and were tasked with creating an SEO strategy to increase their organic traffic. As with any new client, there was a high degree of … Read More

Marketing Messaging – Leading or Following?

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  As I was listening to the radio yesterday, I heard (yet another) health insurance company commercial. In this particular commercial, Jim’s “couch” is bemoaning the fact that he is lonely because Jim is out doing things like hiking or mountain climbing rather than sitting home with the couch.  This commercial sounded almost exactly like commercials that Kaiser Permanente have … Read More

Educating Clients on Changes in Online Marketing

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  Marketing has rapidly evolved with the Internet. Many of these changes have occurred in just the last five years. As a consequence, many marketers are left in doubt as to the effectiveness of their strategies. The online marketing space requires a high level of adaptability in order to perform at a high level. It’s our job as digital marketers … Read More

Crucial Audits to Make Sure Your Campaigns Are Ready for the Holidays {Making a List & Checking It Twice}

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With Halloween just behind us and the Christmas trees already rising in the department stores, we’re stepping into the holiday season once again. This is the greatest time of year to make sure your paid search campaigns are running smoothly, especially as you gear up for heavy traffic to your site. To give you an idea of just how important … Read More

I Want Candy & Creativity!

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  It’s Halloween week – candy corn, costumes, and the Disney classic Hocus Pocus are in full force for the next few days. And don’t forget to visit your neighborhood dentist’s house on Thursday night to get some delicious candy packaged with a new toothbrush and floss. With all the enjoyment and excitement around this spooky holiday, brands are starting … Read More

Time Management Advice for Digital Dads

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As a new dad working in digital marketing, my greatest challenge has been time management. I have a whole new set of responsibilities at home, yet the demands of clients and management remain high. And Google certainly isn’t slowing down. So it’s up to me to adapt. It’s up to us as dads to adapt. We owe it to ourselves … Read More

2013 SEO Ranking Factors Explained

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Moz, the industry thought leader for SEO, released their annual research and analysis on the SEO ranking factors. Every year Moz performs an in-depth analysis in an attempt to answer the question “how do you rank number one on Google?” Unfortunately, the search engines do not share their actual algorithm, so we don’t know for certain which factors they truly … Read More

Organic Keyword Data: 100% Dead (not provided)

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  Recently we published an article on our blog about the increase of organic visits being attributed to (not provided). In that post, Chris Thompson uncovers data that shows how (not provided) has infectiously spread across our clients’ sites and, at the time of Chris’ post  in early August, 51% of visits to our clients sites were being attributed to … Read More

Do You Need to Clean Up Your Data?

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  Analytics is one of the best tools available for tracking a wide variety of metrics related to your website. Want to know how much traffic you are receiving for any given time period? Covered. Want to see how visitors are moving through your site after they reach it? You can do that too. But Analytics is only as good … Read More

The Changing Landscape of SEO

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    According to a recent study conducted by Dr. Pete Myers of Moz, 85% of today’s search engine result pages (SERPs) contain new features. These new features have been slowly rolled out over the past couple of years, but are growing in the markets that they impact. And while these new features can be seen as Google trying to … Read More