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Our Data Collection Infrastructure service incorporates Google Analytics capabilities with industry knowledge to give our clients the greatest possible results. We constantly review the tech stack, identifying gaps and opportunities that help deliver the best service to our clients.

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A single source of truth is possible. Your digital marketing program can be optimized beyond the channel with a Parallel Path custom Data Collection Infrastructure you don't have to guess what is working. You will know.  

Our Data Collection Infrastructure is a service that includes interviews, auditing, procuring, definition, setup, deployment, and testing of your marketing and sales systems that provide insights into user acquisition, behavior, conversion, and revenue data.
The definition and alignment of these systems allow Parallel Path and client to optimize, improve, and prove delivery of results against the business and marketing goals. You’ll learn exactly how your audiences went from awareness to purchase. You’ll also have the data you need to optimize your marketing spend, learning how much revenue is being driven from your various channels. 

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If there is one thing that keeps healthcare marketers awake at night - particularly marketers for multi-location hospitals and clinics - it is the state of their local business listings. Local business listing management, Google My Business (GMB) in particular, is fraught with challenges for larger, distributed healthcare organizations. But the rewards of a well-managed GMB program are undeniable. Search is becoming increasingly localized. And as a result, your GMB profile is becoming the face of your practice(s) in the SERPs.

Ready to start taking GMB seriously? Here are some tips for maximizing your GMB profiles for both users and search engines.

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Life on the Western Slope

Learn more about the award-winning campaign that helped Rocky Mountain Health Plans rise above the competition during open enrollment.

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