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Overview of the Study

Parallel Path is undertaking a unique quantitative study in collaboration with a top-tier marketing research firm to better understand consumer attitudes and behaviors around health and wellness brands and organizations. Our objective is to explore further the many variables that influence customer perceptions and engagement with various brand paths, which will be beneficial to marketing and business executives in the health and wellness industry. We invite you to register for a private webinar review of Parallel Path's 2023 Health and Wellness Consumer Research Study. This is a unique opportunity to learn about health and wellness consumer behavior. When the study is complete in 2023, you will get exclusive access to the findings and will be among the first to hear about the insights and implications for your brand and organization by registering today.


So, what distinguishes our research from others?

Attitudinal Segmentation and Consumer Mindset related to Health and Wellness Brands

To date, research on health and wellness consumers has focused on traditional “firmographic” characteristics -- gender, location, respondent role, age, etc.

While such information can be helpful to some degree, it does not fully address or represent the perspectives, goals, challenges, and needs of health and wellness consumers as it relates to different categories or types of brands (“brand paths”).



Health and Wellness Brand Paths

What We Hope to Learn…


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*Research is beginning in Q1 2023 with findings and webinar being presented in Q4 2023