Heath and Wellness Consumer Research Study

Research Overview

Parallel Path Health and Wellness Brand Consumer Segmentation Research Opportunity

Parallel Path is working with a third-party marketing research firm
 to develop a custom, quantitative study of consumers’ perceptions and behaviors related to health and wellness brands. 

In this study, we strive to better understand how consumers think about and engage with health and wellness brands across multiple dimensions that will be instructive for any health and wellness marketing and business leaders.

So What?

How is it different from existing research on this topic?

Attitudinal Segmentation and Consumer Mindsets related to Health and Wellness Brands

To date, research on health and wellness consumers has focused on traditional “firmographic” characteristics -- gender, location, respondent role, age, etc.

While such information can be helpful to some degree, it does not fully address or represent the perspectives, goals, challenges, and needs of health and wellness consumers as it relates to different categories or types of brands (“brand paths”).

Massage Franchise case study


Health and Wellness Brand Paths


What We Hope to Learn…


What Value will this Bring to your Organization?

If your organization participates by distributing invitations to your relevant community members via email:

• You can suggest questions you’d like us to consider for the survey

• You and your team will be invited to a private webinar for participants in which Parallel Path and Audience Audit will review the results of the survey in detail and answer questions

• You will receive access to a free, interactive visualization of the survey results, which can be filtered by organization size, geography, and other factors.

If your association generates at least 200 survey responses (based on your unique link):

• You will be invited to a CUSTOM webinar showing you the results of YOUR respondents compared to the other participants in the survey

• You will receive a CUSTOMIZED interactive visualization showing the responses of your participants vs. the other survey respondents.


What We Need from You to Participate

In order to secure the largest possible respondent group, we are seeking help from organizations like yours who would be willing to share a link to the anonymous survey with your own members and mailing lists. There is no cost to you to participate!

• You do not need to share your email list with anyone. You will be provided with a unique link to use for your invitations, which you can distribute via email and your social media platforms.

• The survey is anonymous. None of your respondents need to fear that they will be solicited for anything due to their survey participation, or that their information will be added to any lists or shared with any other parties. It is also HIPAA-compliant.

• All respondents who participate in the survey will be entered into a random drawing in which one winner will receive a $500 Visa Cash Card.


Next Steps

We need your agreement to participate no later than February 24th. 

• You will be issued a unique link to the survey no later than March 1st.

• You must send invitations to the survey as directed (anticipated fielding by March 9th). We will provide you key information to include in your invitations.

• After the analysis is completed, we will notify you of respondents generated through your unique survey link.

• Partner webinars to review results will be conducted in August and September 2023, if not sooner.