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Without data, there is no map. With our unique and comprehensive approach to analytics, we help you understand what your audience and potential audience are telling you about their engagement preferences. Then we help chart the course to reach them, walking alongside you every step of the way.

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We believe in creating goal-driven strategies that emerge from the core of why your brand exists and the unique value you bring your audience. We utilize primary and secondary data to gain business, category, and audience intelligence to inform the creation and execution of your strategy.

With a data-collection infrastructure in place, we’ll continue to optimize your strategy, drawing on our best-in-class expertise across health, wellness, and lifestyle industries so it meets or exceeds your goals.
We promise to make it easy to work with us to achieve your marketing goals. We listen closely - to you, your team, your customers, and the data - until we’re able to craft a strategy that doesn’t just work - that works for you.   


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Marketing Operations

We help audit, analyze, and understand any gaps in marketing operations, personnel, technology, and systems to ensure  you’ll be able to achieve your goals for growth.

Growth Opportunity Analysis

A custom Growth Opportunity Analysis (GOA) will give you definitive insights and recommendations on how to grow through the power of digital. A custom Parallel Path GOA delivers the intelligence to develop a more targeted and effective digital marketing strategy.  

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Marketing Strategy

Reaching an audience is not enough to spark growth. You want them to take action. We’ll help you develop a strong, responsive marketing strategy to provide critical structure to how you plan on achieving your goals for growth. 

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Digital Education & Training

When you hire us, we promise to work with you every step of the way. We offer workshops, classes, and webinars to help close knowledge gaps and ensure that you’ll have the tools to continue to succeed. 

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The novel coronavirus has altered almost every single aspect of people’s daily lives in at least 177 countries (and counting) across the globe. As seen in empty grocery store aisles and “Not in Stock” labels on Amazon, people’s buying habits have drastically shifted right alongside the spread of the virus. Along with hand sanitizer and toilet paper (here’s an interesting read on the psychology behind the current toilet paper panic-buying phenomenon), interest in and desire for healthy, non-perishable foods has skyrocketed almost overnight. 
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