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Reaching an audience is not enough to spark growth. You want them to take an action. We’ll help you develop a strong, responsive marketing strategy to provide critical structure to how you plan on achieving your goals for growth.

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Who doesn’t want to be strategic? The challenge is building a clear path forward. At Parallel Path, we leverage our proven 15 step process for developing marketing strategies that perform.

Doing everything or jumping onto shiny objects is hacking your way towards growth. Your business and organization deserve more than a hacking approach. There is an easier way.
At Parallel Path, we know there's more to good marketing than aesthetics. To grow, you need a strategy that's supported by real-world data. Evolving your brand takes equal parts creativity and data analysis — and we tackle both. 

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Your Customer's Journey is not Siloed — and Neither is Your Marketing

Tools like Google Analytics offer a set of attribution models that can be leveraged. But these models have been around for some time now, and outside the ecommerce world, we rarely encounter businesses that take advantage of them - or even understand them. Enter the ‘right people’. You need organizational support and commitment. And you need the smart marketing minds to make the most of the broad new understanding you get when you move beyond last-click attribution.

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Case Study


Life on the Western Slope

Learn more about the award-winning campaign that helped Rocky Mountain Health Plans rise above the competition during open enrollment.

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Client Priorities and Initiatives

Strategy connect back to the client’s business priorities or initiatives.

Examples of client priorities: increase overall revenue in a given period of time, launching a new line of business, growing direct to consumer revenue, employee recruitment.

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Key Dates

Defining key dates gives context and is essential 

There are also variables to consider such as seasonality, peak pulses of amplitude, and whether or not there is an opportunity for an “always on” approach.

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