May the Salesforce be with you.

Salesforce is a commonly utilized CRM with a large resource pool behind it, making it easily adopted by most organizations. We transform Salesforce and other CRMs into ROI tracking machines.

General Benefits of CRM Support

What Sets Parallel Path Apart?

Going With the (Data) Flow
We identify opportunities to “close the loop” and illustrate where leads originate and how much they are worth in actual revenue.
More Understanding = More Sales
Parallel Path shows you exactly how data flows into Salesforce so that you know what tactics net more sales.
We’ve Come Full Circle
We connect all of your platforms, from your CRM to your website to Salesforce. We can tell exactly how a client went from prospect to purchase, then that information gets pushed back into Google Analytics.
DCI Included
CRM support is part of your larger Data Collection Infrastructure (a benefit most agencies don’t even begin to offer.) This information doesn’t just inform marketing decisions. It begins to inform decisions for your business as a whole.

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