Digital Strategy

Every client relationship is distinct, but our approach remains the same: learn, think, build, activate, and optimize.

Successful digital marketing requires that you have the right agency partner (us) as well as internal organization. We help structure and train internal teams to execute cutting edge and robust digital marketing programs. We assess your organization’s internal needs relative to the demands of the proposed marketing program. We then educate and train the team, providing resources, systems, and procedures. Our trade is digital marketing, and our job is to make you successful.

General Benefits of Digital Strategy Consultation

What Sets Parallel Path Apart?

The Journey
The destination is important, but we’re also focused on the journey: Understanding your audience and then aligning the appropriate marketing channels and tactics to meet them where and when they need you. We’re on a road trip together, and this approach means we’ll reach your destination.
Let’s Go Fishing
Consumer, brand, and market insights are like fish. The Data Collection Infrastructure (DCI) is your net to capture them, and it’s one of the first things we build for you. It tells us how a brand is operating in the market, uncovering valuable insights about its audience groups, like how they’re behaving and who is converting.
Custom Model Building
If you buy a piece of technology/software, you’re at the mercy of the company who built it. We build custom models and algorithms (based on client data and performance) to assess how we can get the most out of every marketing dollar spent.
Behind the Scenes, But Always Nearby
We monitor the performance of your marketing dollars and how your traffic is behaving. “Are we getting the greatest return on the investment? Is the traffic doing what we want it to?” By optimizing the behavioral and buying sides of the channel, we increase relevance and get the most volume for the least amount of spend.

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