Local Listings Management

Making Contact.

Local listings management starts with posting business contact information throughout the web, so it’s easy to find. The more “citations” there are of a brand, the better it will perform on sites like Google. A local listing is often a first impression and should be treated as an important touch point within a larger integrated marketing mix.

General Benefits of Local Listings Management

What Sets Parallel Path Apart?

Over 200 Platforms
Parallel Path is highly experienced in claiming locations on multiple platforms ranging from Google+ and Google Local to Yext, plus over 200 other local and national platforms.
We work with you to help manage local reviews that appear on local listings.
Integration and Conversion
We ensure that once traffic is driven to your site, the user experience leads to conversions. It’s both an art and a science.
We Don’t Do Generic
You’ll get a tailored approach to listing management based on your business needs.

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