Marketing Automation

Connecting the dots.

Marketing automation systems serve to automate repetitive marketing tasks, and they’re an integral component of the marketing software stack for startups and high volume businesses. If your company has adopted marketing automation, you already know the challenges of integrating these tools with your website and CRM. We provide custom integration solutions across your marketing stack to solve attribution challenges. You might call it Sweet Relief, but we call it our Data Collection Infrastructure.

General Benefits of Marketing Automation

What Sets Parallel Path Apart?

DIY Done Right
We develop custom integrations, and even enjoy working with your internal teams to elevate performance.
Working With You
If you have a preferred, third-party platform, Parallel Path will help you get the most out of it by making decisions on how to track users as they pass through the marketing automation system.
DCI Included
Marketing automation integration is part of your larger Data Collection Infrastructure (a benefit most agencies don’t even begin to offer.) This information doesn’t just inform marketing decisions. It begins to inform decisions for your business as a whole.
We’ve Come Full Circle
We connect your marketing automation system to other tools, like your CRM. We can tell exactly how a client went from prospect to purchase, then that information gets pushed back into Google Analytics. Mic. Drop.

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