PPC Marketing Management

Right now, people are raising their hands and telling companies what they want. Smart companies listen and respond.

There’s no better audience than one that’s already actively seeking what you’re selling. Search engines are changing constantly and for now and into the foreseeable future searchers will see (and soon hear) pay-per-click (PPC) ads first. Are you visible? Relevant? Your competition is. PPC marketing provides the visibility you need to attract more customers.

General Benefits of PPC Marketing

What Sets Parallel Path Apart?

Data-Driven, Mobile-Centric Approach
We build PPC campaigns based on search query data and provide insights to strengthen organic search strategies. Then, we segment your search queries by device and build tactics to boost performance.
The Long Tail
Our unique process capitalizes on the long tail, which decreases your cost per click and increases visibility.
Question Everything
Is PPC cannibalizing organic? Where are the gaps in your organic search strategy? How are local listings influencing our PPC strategy? We look closely at how PPC enhances your other channels to ensure efficiency.
Search Query Optimization
Parallel Path has a unique process of analyzing every search query in your account and assigning the proper bid based on the conversion rate. While keyword lists are huge, we focus on the longer tail keywords to bring the overall cost per conversion down while increasing total leads.
Custom Algorithms
We design and run custom bid algorithms specific to your account, and not some conventional model sanitized by other clients’ data or some third party’s software.
Always Optimizing
With an in-depth understanding of Google Analytics, our team uses different data points to determine the success of AdWords campaigns and ad groups. We continually optimize the campaigns to improve performance.
Timely Delivery
Communication with your audience needs to happen at the right time and under the right circumstances. In a way, it’s like we’re reading the minds of your audience to determine what they want to hear, how they want to hear it, and when they’re most willing to listen.
Powered by People
It’s not just tools and technology. It’s the experience and knowledge of our staff that gets you the most out of every channel.

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