Social Media Advertising

The strongest brands fully integrate social media into their marketing mix.

There’s a reason social media advertising can be so effective. Social media increases brand awareness and affinity, strengthens customer service, bolsters campaign engagement, drives organic and paid traffic to a website, and provides valuable insights on target markets.

General Benefits of Social Media Advertising

What Sets Parallel Path Apart?

Data Doctors
We use your data and analytics paired with ours to develop targeted consumer experiences designed to perform.
Silo Killers
We work with you to understand the customer journey integrate social media advertising into their overall marketing mix to maximize their investment.
Full Brained
We’re right-brained and left-brained. Our creativity has a purpose: combine data with innovative ideas to create the perfect mix that leads to results. Video, static ads, engaging copy, enticing images, powerful calls to action… it’s a smarter way to do social media.
Who Needs Bells & Whistles?
There’s always a new tactic to try, but strength comes from knowledge and experience. We translate our social media skills directly into a foundation that’s built to weather the week’s newest tactic.

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