Marketing Success Framework

We didn’t invent marketing, but over time we have refined our proven Marketing Success Framework that helps guide the path to achieving client growth. We’ll use it from our very first conversation and revisit it often as we take the journey together in accomplishing your goals.

Let’s map your path forward

The Framework

Marketing Success FrameworkMarketing Success Framework


Business Goals

Clearly articulated business goals are the mile-markers of your brand ambitions and our true north. 

As a trusted partner, we will join you at the table to help define your business goals. Our team of expert consultants leverages insights, research and data to provide a wealth of audience, brand, and category intelligence that is used to inform recommendations for your business goals. 


Products & Services

Understanding priorities related to your company’s products and services is a vital step towards aligning marketing efforts with business objectives.  

We partner with you to understand what goes into your product and service priorities. From cost of delivery, operations capabilities, and scale we make sure that the products and services we will be marketing are clearly identified before taking the next steps. 


Brand Articulation

Focus your marketing, unify the various lines of business, and chart a path to growth.

Brand articulation is more than just uncovering the “why,” “what,” and “how” of your brand - it’s positioning you for unprecedented growth and impact. We’ll put our expertise and proven brand articulation process to work to help you stand out from the competition and own your particular category. 


Marketing Goals

Reaching an audience is not enough to spark growth. You want them to take action. Your marketing goals tell the mile-high story of how you want your business to grow. They’re a critical step in charting your path towards greater success. 

While each of our client relationships is distinct, our initial approach remains the same: to listen, and learn. Your goals will provide direction to the strategy ahead. 



Budget enables choices in the breadth and depth of a marketing plan. 

Whether you have a predetermined budget or need to leverage our insights and modeling to build a budget, we will sharpen the saw toward budget efficiency. Our team will also work to make the most of the resources you have at your disposal. We'll keep our eye on your goals as we help you achieve significant results, oftentimes accompanied with an improved return on investment.


Growth Opportunity Analysis

The Overview Effect describes that cognitive shift in awareness that occurs after someone experiences seeing the reality of the Earth from space - how precious and unique it is. 

Our Growth Opportunity Analysis (GOA) provides a definitive overview of opportunities and recommendations to leverage digital marketing to grow your business by taking a deep analysis of your current digital marketing efforts and the external marketplace. 


Marketing Operations

We help audit, analyze, and understand any gaps in operations and systems to ensure we’ll be able to carry out our recommendations for your business and that you’ll be able to achieve your ambitious goals for growth. 

We’ll also work to understand your organization from the inside out, in the service of our promise to make it easy - we’ll align recommendations to what’s best for your organization and your audience.


Data Collection

Your audiences are telling stories about their engagement preferences that have a direct impact on your business’s performance. Our unique and comprehensive approach to digital analytics helps you understand those stories and their results.

Our service provides insights into the marketing metrics that matter most. Alignment across data collection systems allows us to optimize, improve, and prove delivery of results against your business goals.


Marketing Strategy

Reaching an audience is not enough to spark growth. You want them to take an action.

We’ll help you develop a strong, responsive marketing strategy to provide critical structure to how you plan on achieving your goals for growth, leveraging our proven 15-step process for developing strategies that perform. Eloquent strategies often keep it simple, even if your product or service is complex. 



From campaign development to always-on programs, the objective of a campaign is to meet your audiences at each stage of their journey towards action. The campaigns and programs within a marketing plan will inform the development of the content, creative and assets. 

One of our most successful campaigns has driven more than 97 Million Brand Impressions, 11 Million Video Views, 80,000 Campaign Landing Page Views, and +25% Brand Search Inquires Year over Year.


Content & Creative

Appealing, memorable, and resonating content cuts through the clutter and helps translate your brand’s promise in ways that connect with your audience. 

Great content is contextually relevant. We select content types, distribution channels, and key performance indicators, then work with our content creators who have produced award-winning and viral content to bring the vision to life.


Channel Management

“If you build it, they will come” might have worked for Ray Kinsella in the pre-digital age of Field of Dreams, but in this millennium, consumers are overwhelmed with daily marketing messages. As marketers, we have to push and pull our audience to the playing field. 

At Parallel Path, we manage the distribution of content to proactively reach your audience with the right message at the right time at the right frequency.


Performance & Optimization

The team at Parallel Path leverages custom algorithms, artificial intelligence, machine learning, empathy, wisdom, and best-in-class optimizations to push performance towards achieving and exceeding your goals. 

Every day, our team of marketers, analysts, and technicians work with our client partners to achieve marketing excellence. We don't just work to achieve the goal; we are determined to raise the standard.