While you may or may not have brick and mortar locations, your website is your digital storefront. You can control who comes to it, how they use it, and what their experience is like. From a lead generation perspective, the website is your first offense: The better job you do selling people on your website, the less time and resources you’ll use later to make the sale. The data gained from consumer behavior on your site can be used to better target customers and then turn those customers into loyalists.

The art of e-commerce combines three unique (but interrelated) disciplines — traffic acquisition, consumer engagement, and customer loyalty. We unite all three into each one of our e-commerce marketing strategies.

A brand for all seasons

When developing marketing strategies and tactics for our e-commerce clients, we account for the seasonal trends. Seasonal trends provide key insights into the behavior of the market. We use these insights to build dynamic, scalable, and efficient marketing strategies. At different points of the year, intent and conversion rates change, and we target messages and strategies accordingly. We develop plans that integrate seamlessly with our clients’ budget planning process throughout the fiscal year. We help ensure that inventory management also aligns with their promotional calendar.

Online and Offline Store Fronts

The rise of digital commerce opened up many exciting opportunities for businesses. Online-only e-commerce businesses have easy access to the entirety of their audiences’ behavior and shopping patterns. They can dynamically optimize all aspects of their business and marketing strategies to meet ever-evolving human needs. E-commerce companies that have brick and mortar locations have the opportunity to create a powerful brand experience both online and offline.

Customer Acquisition: Creating and Capturing Demand

We design and develop customer acquisition strategies by creating or capturing demand. Based on seasonal influences, we adjust the marketing mix and manipulate channel strategies. Selecting and managing channels is important, but once customers get to a piece of branded content – how relevant is it? We’re experts at creating owned media that ensures your customers take the right course of action. We collaborate with our clients to create the right offers, driving them to landing pages and refining traffic to get the highest possible conversion rate. Once traffic lands on the site, we’ve already helped establish the best UI/UX and cart-flow strategies to guide them seamlessly through a purchase.

E-commerce client benefits

  • More data-driven, smarter investment, less expensive in the long-run
  • Better audience targeting
  • Fast and dynamic brand feedback
  • Faster time to market
  • Easier access to consumer, market

“Y’all Come Back Now, Y’Hear?”

There is no better audience to speak to than one who has already purchased something from you. The lifetime value of your customer is perhaps the most important metric to track. The ROI by a channel and marketing mix should be based on the overall lifetime value of the customer, not just their initial spend. Our customer retention strategies boost lifetime value and turn customers into advocates for your brand. We take a multi-channel approach to building a strong bond between your brand and your customers, increasing average order value and purchase frequency. One strategy we take is to segment your customers based on loyalty and develop specialty market programs for each segment.

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