Non-Profit Marketing

Mission Driven Marketing (or 501(c)(*G*) in *G*rowth.

Parallel Path develops marketing and branding solutions with demonstrable results, custom to the needs, size, and scope of your non-profit organization. We call our non-profit work "Mission Driven Marketing," meaning we start by understanding your organization's mission before we develop goals, strategies and tactics.

Resourceful resource development

We're familiar with the distinct challenges that face non-profit advocacy groups, associations, and charitable organizations regarding branding and marketing. Boards, chapter heads, members, and donors want to see money applied toward results, more than the infrastructure driving those results. A non-profit's potential to attract future contributions hinges in part on its ability to optimize its operational overhead and marketing budgets.

When it comes to fundraising we can help YOU

  • Design and develop omni-channel fundraising campaigns
  • Understand the motivators and behavior of your target audience to optimize outreach efforts
  • Target key influencers from high-net worth individuals, to media and governmental decision makers
  • Optimize digital properties to drive donations

When it comes to growing your member base, we explore three main strategies:

  • Driving new membership
  • Improving membership retention for new and current members
  • Increasing the lifetime value of a member

Non-Profit clients benefits

  • Unique strategic approach
  • Proactive guidance and solutions
  • Genuine care
  • Rich channel experience
  • Senior level team

The Board:

One of our jobs is to act as bridge between the Board of Directors and the Executive team to help foster alignment regarding the organization's marketing initiatives. We're eager to present the value of each marketing initiative to the board so they see the return on the investment. On the operational front, we work along with the executive team to ensure the best implementation of each digital strategy.

Multi-Chapter Organizations

We offer Managed Marketing services for multi-chapter non-profits, ensuring a consistent brand experience across your network. We develop scalable marketing frameworks that operate on the macro and micro-levels of your organization from high-level brand development to local listings management.

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The Parallel Path Vision

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