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Our goal as an agency is to help you grow your business. Yes, this means getting new leads, but it also means creating a healthy consumer lifecycle and boosting retention. The sales process for most SaaS companies - lead generation, demo, targeted content followup. The challenge with this process is that it can cut out the actual decision maker - the manager, CMO, or CEO that will actually be writing the check. Purchasers are often not the engineers. They need to see value, ROI, tangible benefits like, "How much money this is going to save me."

Our proven methods of marketing SaaS companies extend to the top, middle, and bottom of the funnel. It's about marketing and selling to qualified leads, then having a marketing systems integration ready to capitalize on the leads the come in.

Content Is King

For SaaS brands, content is the center of the mix and funnels out through different distribution channels. Your content must speak to a wide variety of stakeholders which extends beyond the end user. The CEO, directors, and managers all have to know the "Why, what, how" of your product.

Have you ever heard of a customer retention team?

Customer service is the reactive response to guest feedback. Customer retention is the proactive efforts made by a company to increase brand loyalty, affinity and overall satisfaction. We develop a multi-channel approach to customer retention. Out of the total marketing budget, let's say the traditional company spends 90% on sales and marketing strategies and roughly 10% on customer retention. The successful companies we're seeing now have a totally different approach, allocating 30%, 40% or even 50% of their resources developing the lifetime value of their customers. If you teach and you train - you will sell.

Ecommerce client benefits

  • More data-driven, smarter investment, less expensive in the long-run
  • Better audience targeting
  • Fast and dynamic brand feedback
  • Faster time to market
  • Easier access to consumer, market

A Solution So Good, It Never Gets Used

SaaS companies produce innovative solutions with features that surpass expectations. The challenge is that a lot of SaaS companies drop the ball when it comes to user support, so many of the product's best features are never used. In the worst cases, the customer may drop a product after a period of time, because they were unaware of confused by all of the features. By developing a content and retention strategy that makes connections between your clients' (or prospective clients') pain points and your solution, you not only will drive leads, but you'll increase loyalty as well.

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