The Missing Link.

The people using your technology might not be the same people who are authorized to buy it. Often times, however, the technical subject matter experts team up with the product manager to try to communicate the value of the solutions based around features and assume the buyer knows how to extract the benefits. Technology brands have to translate innovative features into functional and emotional benefits in order to make a sale. Parallel Path builds and markets technology brands that connect with the hearts and minds of both the purchaser and the user.

The Search is On

The technical expertise and purchasing habits of people buying your technology vary greatly. Office managers, in-house IT people, management, or line-level employees all may be tasked with researching and recommending a tech solution. They all search different terms at different levels of the funnel. It's crucial to market your products and services to align with their pain point, needs, and values. We develop strategies for our clients that focus marketing dollars wisely at every stage of the customer journey.

Lead to Revenue Optimization

While technology companies constantly pursue leads, we advise our clients to also focus heavily on their conversion process. We start by understanding your lead quality and flow:

  • Where are you currently getting leads?
  • What's your close rate for online generated leads?
  • How do you treat leads, and who's on them?
  • How do you train your sales team?

We set up a data collection infrastructure to help you attribute a value/score for each lead, focusing your spend on the most qualified leads, saving you time and money. We also can help you build the infrastructure to support your customer's journey from discovery through purchase and retention.

TECHNOLOGY client benefits

  • More data-driven, smarter investment, less expensive in the long-run
  • Better audience targeting
  • Fast and dynamic brand feedback
  • Faster time to market
  • Easier access to consumer, market

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The Parallel Path Vision

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