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Paid media — display ads, video ads, paid search, native ads and other performance media — reach your audience with relevant and impactful messages that amplify audience traction towards your goals. A data-driven and human-centric paid media strategy is vital to digital marketing success.

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You can think of paid media as a giant machine. The side of this machine contains levers (media planning, audience building, keywords, bids, creative, device, location, landing page, etc.).

We carefully adjust these levers to make the machine more efficient. What this means is that Parallel Path leverages industry-leading tools, proprietary technology, customized algorithms, data integrations, proven processes, and cross-channel data to drive optimal value from your investment.
When we think about media design, placement, and optimization, we ask ourselves questions relevant to the moment your audience will see an ad, such as: “Where are they? What are they doing? What are they thinking? How are they feeling?” Our human-centered, data-driven, and analytical approach ensures maximum efficacy across digital and traditional marketing campaigns and programs. 

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Paid Search

Paid search allows easy entry into new markets quickly and efficiently in order to grow your business. Parallel Path doesn’t just get your ads seen on Google or Bing, we build custom campaigns, account structures and algorithms specific to your goals, this means a better return on investment.

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Serving optimal advertising content at the best time and to the most relevant audiences is equal parts science and artistry. We identify what resonates with your audience in order to accomplish your goals. Through display strategy and tactics, we establish functional parameters to funnel marketing dollars to the most attractive opportunities.

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Social Media

When social is done well, the result is a tribe of people who feel an emotional connection to your brand and organization. Our talented team of strategists, analysts, and content creators will help you build relationships with your audience, creating communities that yield a strong return on investment.

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When someone has visited your website once, remarketing lets you find that person wherever they’re digitally engaged. The goal is to spark continued interest, and nurture towards action without exhausting your audience. Beyond frequency, things like design, placement, and messaging also play a key role in success.

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Native Advertising

Native ads blend in with their surroundings. Customers like them because they tend to be less disruptive, and advertisers love them because they typically boast higher click-through rates than typical display ads. Effective native advertising takes heart - it’s knowing how to be contextually relevant with each individual ad placement. 

Traditional Integration & Boost

We promise to use the best possible means to reach and grow your customer base. Our strategies can integrate digital marketing with out-of-home (OOH) tactics like billboards, bus shelter wraps, and mall directories, print ads in newspapers and magazines, ads on radio, cable and broadcast television, and tradeshows.

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