Remarketing allows brands to interact with potential customers who have already expressed a direct interest. These potential customers are usually very close to making a decision and have already spent time researching. The right marketing message at the right time can tip the scales in favor of a sale — focused remarketing programs do just that.

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Remarketing focuses on serving ads to drive action. It helps create thoughtful customer experiences, which also drive actions and increase brand affinity. An example is a retargeted ad with a link to value-added content, which drives users back to a unique landing page with a download link and perhaps a product discount code.

Parallel Path has been running remarketing programs since 2007, so we’ve tested and retested our approach for maximum efficacy. The goal is to spark interest without exhausting your audience. Beyond frequency, things like banner design, placement, and messaging also play a key role in conversion.
Your media budgets can be leveraged more efficiently with increased conversion rates because we’re targeting people who have already expressed interest in what you’re selling. These users are further along the sales cycle, and they’re more likely to take action than someone visiting your website for the very first time.

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