Paid Search (Google Ads & Bing Ads)

There’s no better audience than the one that’s already actively seeking what you offer. Search engines are constantly changing. For now and into the foreseeable future, searchers will see and click paid search first.

What are your goals for growth?

Anyone can set up a paid search account that focuses on the obvious keywords and lets Google do the optimizations. But you have real goals and your audience is using millions of variations of search queries. Paid search is about performance and Parallel Path achieves marketing goals through our proven data-driven approach to paid search that has been refined and developed over 15 years.


  • More than 4.7 billion search queries happen every day

  • Of these, 15% haven’t been seen by search engines in the last six months (if ever)

  • 70% of search queries have no keywords in a paid search account that exactly match to any paid search marketing campaigns

If your paid search strategy doesn't go deeper and over relies on broad match types, header terms, and Google automation then you are paying too much per click, too much per conversion, and spending your budget inefficiently. And we can prove it with our Paid Search Audit. We can show you how and where your paid search dollars are working today and more importantly what the real potential is for your return on investment.  

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The Parallel Path Way to Paid Search Success

Our clients are achieving paid search success because our approach goes deep into your specific search query universe to improve click-through rate, reduce cost per click, and increase conversions rate so that you get a better ROAS and ROI - so that your business can grow.

Data Analysis

Data provides the roadmap to success. We have the approach, technology, and experience to allow your marketing investments go farther. Delivering the right user search, to the right keyword match type, with the right precision bidding strategy, ad message, and landing page to ensure the optimal path to conversion.


Keyword theme alignment, depth, match type usage, organization, and relevance is the foundation of our paid search architecture. Think hundreds of thousands, not hundreds or thousands of keywords. The value from paid search is tapping the market demand with precision. 


Relevance is direct and must be in 100% alignment between what a searcher is asking for and what you’re delivering. Our approach ensures alignment between keyword, ad copy, and landing page. The result is a better performing paid search campaign at a lower cost per conversion and that means a better ROI.


We build custom algorithms specifically around bidding strategies and cost per acquisition/ROI goals of your business to allow for the most efficient use of your marketing investments. Algorithms are able to make updates to the account more efficiently and systematically than humans. This approach delivers peak performance and eliminates the inefficient manual approach of the ‘hunting and pecking’ paid search management approach.


You want to grow your business and this is why iteration is the activity of growing the paid search account based on the proven approach of data analysis, architecture, and optimization. Depending upon the level of investment (media budget), market demand (search queries), and conversion volume this process will be iterated and followed on a daily/monthly/quarterly/or semi-annual basis. 

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