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Over 65% of digital advertising is now served on mobile devices — and that number is steadily climbing. Parallel Path helps reach your audience when and where they are through banner advertisements, videos, apps, voice and text search. 

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Effective mobile advertisements aren’t just responsive to fit smaller average screen sizes — they’re optimized for display, context, and audience behavior. Mobile marketing is a vital component of any digital marketing strategy.

Through a proven and strategic tool kit of tactics and technologies, we establish functional parameters to funnel marketing dollars to the most attractive opportunities, making the most of your budget.
Parallel Path will strengthen your marketing mix through mobile display ads aimed at growing audience awareness — and conversion — across the mobile landscape. 

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Preparing for Voice Search

So how do you capitalize on the voice search tsunami? Similar to search engine optimization (SEO) in its traditional form, there is no silver bullet. There are many factors driving voice search result rankings. Some are easily discernible. Some are not. These factors are different from platform to platform. And the factors will definitely change over time. So successful voice search strategy will require a broad-based effort that addresses many different elements of your web presence.

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Case Study

Life on the Western Slope Campaign

Learn more about the award-winning campaign that helped Rocky Mountain Health Plans rise above the competition during open enrollment.

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