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There’s a reason social media advertising can be so effective. By leveraging data and insights, social media attracts new and returning customers, builds brand awareness and affinity, strengthens customer service, bolsters campaign engagement, drives traffic to a website, and provides valuable insights on target markets.

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Social Media networks provide advertising opportunities at every stage of the consumer funnel.

Higher up on the funnel, social media targeting is robust and can help introduce your message to audiences to a fine degree, allowing for a hyper-relevant ad experience. Lower in the funnel, you can use social to target audiences that have the highest likelihood of engagement.
At Parallel Path, we leverage in-depth audience analytics to create relevant social media ads, conduct highly targeted creative and audience testing, to achieve your marketing objectives. The result is a more optimized performance with a better ROI. 

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Five Things Social Media Managers Should Look for in a Planning Tool

There are quite a few tools available to help you plan and post social. It might be difficult to decide which ones are right for your organization, but you can start by considering each tool according to the following five criteria. And of course, reach out to learn more about our social media management and content marketing services. We’ll do the heavy lifting for you. 

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