Life on the Western Slope

A Fully Integrated & Data-Driven Brand Campaign

Rocky Mountain Health Plans (RMHP) is a health insurance company native to the Western Slope. With deep ties to the region, it made sense to strategically focus marketing efforts on this unique region of Colorado.

The Challenge

Parallel Path proposed a campaign that would increase brand awareness during the health insurance industry's member enrollment period, while also growing brand affinity and engagement leading up to and during the health insurance open enrollment period. There's an old saying that audiences need to see a brand’s message 3 times to make an impression that will trigger brand recall. Today, that number can be as high as 7 to 21 times, demonstrating the importance of quantity and quality.

The Solution

Be authentic.

People are drawn to authentic, relatable stories. With that in mind, we drew audiences into the lives of their fellow Western Slope neighbors (and RMHP members) via an integrated marketing campaign anchored around stunning and engaging film content. The result was RMHP Presents: Life on the Western Slope.

The campaign's call to action drives people to view short films at The desire to learn more about RMHP is a natural byproduct of compelling stories that showcase the company’s commitment to the health and well being of all members.

With a deep understanding of data-driven marketing and a hearty dose of creativity, Parallel Path’s approach and framework enabled real-time optimizations of the marketing campaign. Real audience engagement data was measured during the campaign to influence content, asset rotation, and distribution via both traditional and digital media channels.

Campaign Concept & Development

RMHP Presents: Life On The Western Slope tells the stories of three Western Slope residents protected by RMHP. Meet the three inspiring subjects profiled for Life on the Western Slope. Each person has their own longform film, plus shorter 30-second edits. Additionally, a 60-second anthem.

We Protect Family –
Eric Farr & Family

Eric Farr has traveled the world performing gravity-defying, freestyle motocross stunts. With a demanding profession that requires extensive time on the road, he cherishes every moment with his growing family.

Watch Eric's Video >

We Protect Trailblazers –
Tianna Davis

Tianna Davis is no stranger to proving people wrong. This bonafide young cowgirl is anything but traditional, running her own rodeo and riding 1,500 pound bulls. She’s a shining embodiment of a trailblazer right down to the core.

Watch Tianna's Video >

We Protect the Future –
Jojo Whitaker

Jojo Whitaker came to live with Doug & ReChelle Evans as a misunderstood boy. After welcoming him into their rugby family, it didn't take long for Jojo to realize his potential.

Watch Jojo's Video >


Parallel Path | Life on the Western Slope Campaign
Parallel Path | Life on the Western Slope Campaign
Parallel Path | Life on the Western Slope Campaign

Messaging & Taglines

When developing messaging we needed to bridge the gap between the films and their relevance to RMHP, using emotion to marry brand to audience. By aligning the messaging with essential human needs (safety, family, friends, accomplishment, and purpose), the audience felt a true connection to the RMHP brand.

“RMHP Protects...”

People want to protect their families, passions, goals, and ambitions so that they can build a better future. When we are confident and safe we have the space to feel free, less stressed, and live healthier lives… and that’s the exact peace of mind that RMHP provides.

Family is the
Western Slope…

We Protect Family.

Trailblazers Live on the
Western Slope…

We Protect Trailblazers.

The Future Lives on the
Western Slope…

We Protect the Future.

Media Plan

During the open enrollment period, RMHP’s target audience was reached via nearly two dozen traditional and digital media touchpoints. Some are quick triggers, like driving by a Life on the Western Slope billboard. Others draw in captivated audiences through the films, whether at a movie theater or on a computer, and some people will hear an audio advertisement on Pandora Radio.

RMHP’s brand penetration and frequency with its target audience is significant and meaningful. The following media plan distributes Life on the Western Slope content across the RMHP priority markets of Colorado:

Digital Media Services

  • Digital Video Advertising
  • Mobile Advertising
  • Digital Display Banners
  • Digital Remarketing & Retargeting Banners
  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • Facebook Posts
  • Instagram Posts
  • Twitter Posts
  • Pandora Radio and Display Ads
  • Youtube Ads

Traditional Media Services

  • Cable Television
  • Broadcast Television
  • PBS Television
  • Radio
  • National Public Radio Underwriting
  • Newspaper
  • Magazine
  • Mesa Mall, Grand Junction Directories, Banners and Door Clings
  • Billboards (Static and Digital)
  • Bus Shelters
  • Movie Theater Film Screens and LED Lobby Screens

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