Health & Wellness Reimagined

A Guide for Brands to Create Stronger Connections

The global health and wellness industry is estimated to be worth  $1.5 trillion, but it is still steeped in misconceptions about who health & wellness consumers are and what they seek. 

This year, we embarked on a journey with an independent research firm to clarify relationships between health & wellness consumers and brands with data. 

We surveyed 1,859 health & wellness consumers to find out:

How Consumers think about brands

What Consumers want in a brand relationship

How Consumers feel about their health & well-being

Key Insights

Consumer motivations can be more useful than Demographics

Not all consumers are mission-driven

Wellness is more than a niche

Empowering consumers to tell brand stories can be more compelling

Consumers vary in many ways

The types of connection they seek with brands

How they wish to engage with brands

What roles brands play in their lives

Four differentiated consumer segments emerged that transcend demographics:


Need brands to pay attention to who they are


Want brands to make their lives better


Want brands to have a compelling mission they can participate in


Are disinterested in brand relationships

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Parallel Path CEO, John Kadlic; Sr. Director of Client Experience and Integrated Strategy, Amanda Williams; and Audience Audit’s Susan Baeir, discuss the pivotal insights and actionable strategies from the Consumer Motivation Study.

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