Strategic marketing solutions for health & wellness brands

Our range of services is meticulously designed to support the enthusiastic, optimistic, and ambitious individuals leading the charge in health and wellness. We’re ready to partner with you in making your vision for health and wellness a reality.

Unique & actionable strategies

Charting the course
to health & wellness success

Connect, create, convert

Strategy + insights

Our collective experience forms the bedrock of our services, producing unique and actionable strategies that bridge the gap between the brands of tomorrow and the customers of today. Together, we can connect, create, and convert in a way that echoes your sincerity and passion for health and wellness.

Custom studies + market research

Personas + journey modeling

Channel audits + diagnostics

Consumer insights collective panel


Marketing strategy


Campaign strategy

Channel strategies

Inspire your audience

Content creation

In a world where wellness wins, content is inspirational…and essential. Our strategic creative work produces powerful visuals and messages that transcend the surfaces of advertising to motivate, engage, and inspire action. Let’s create content that resonates with your audience’s journey to better health.

Brand design

Creative concepting

Creative toolkits

Visual design

Short + long form writing

Video + film



Landing pages

Insight Meets Action

Marketing + media

Full-funnel and conversion-focused, our marketing programs and campaigns are designed with one thing in mind – helping brands and people reach their fullest potential. We take your enthusiasm and optimism and translate it into a marketing strategy that moves, connects, and converts.

Digital media

Paid search / SEM

Paid social media

Traditional media

Search engine optimization

Constantly pursuing success

Data + analytics

In our pursuit of promoting happiness and health, we continuously refine and experiment with our strategies. We leverage data and analytics to gain a deeper understanding of what makes humans thrive, optimizing our approach to helping everyone flourish in their wellness journey.

Analytics consulting


Data visualization

Media mix modeling

Attribution modeling

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Your vision, our expertise -
let's shape the future together

As a guide for visionary leaders, Parallel Path is here to help you navigate the terrain of health and wellness marketing. Our expertise paired with your vision can transform the industry.

It’s time for health and wellness to have the marketing it deserves, and together, we can make it happen.

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