Remarketing & Retargeting

Haven’t I seen you here before?

Remarketing allows brands to interact with potential customers who have already expressed a direct interest. These potential customers are usually very close to making a purchase decision and have already spent time researching. The right marketing message at the right time can tip the scales in favor of a sale — focused remarketing programs do just that.

General Benefits of Retargeting / Remarketing

What Sets Parallel Path Apart?

Increased Affinity
A smart remarketing campaign adds value and strengthens the bond between your consumer and your brand.
Beyond the Banner
From a display ad to a landing page to a conversion, we create digital experiences that extend beyond the banner.
We Do the Thinking for You
While some companies simply serve up a retargeted ad without much thought, smart brands (and the agencies they work with) take the opportunity to create a more meaningful connection.
Left Brain, Meet Right Brain
Everything we do is supported by data, but that doesn’t mean there’s no room for creativity. Your ads will be strategically positioned, visually pleasing, and compelling — the best of both worlds.

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