5 Lessons about Digital Marketing Learned from Buddy the Elf

  1) “The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear.” You have invested, or plan to invest I hope, in great content. But that content will not produce any business value unless you expand your reach. At the most basic level, this can be initially accomplished by sharing your […]

3 Tips for a Successful Site Migration

At some point in the lifecycle of your business you will most likely need to make a significant change to your website architecture. This change may be reorganizing the current content on your site, redesigning your site, consolidating subdomains, or it may be moving your entire site onto another domain. Whatever the scenario may be, […]

How to answer the question – Why don’t we rank number one on Google?

  We have all received the random email from an executive or shareholder asking the age old question, why don’t we rank number one on Google? It is a fair question. We invest in SEO and want to see the impact of our efforts. The trouble is that rankings have become an almost irrelevant metric […]

How I Failed a Teammate by Not Listening

  There is nothing more important that a leader can do than listen. Sadly, I recently failed a team member by not listening to them. Here was the situation – we brought on a new client and were tasked with creating an SEO strategy to increase their organic traffic. As with any new client, there […]

Time Management Advice for Digital Dads

As a new dad working in digital marketing, my greatest challenge has been time management. I have a whole new set of responsibilities at home, yet the demands of clients and management remain high. And Google certainly isn’t slowing down. So it’s up to me to adapt. It’s up to us as dads to adapt. […]

2013 SEO Ranking Factors Explained

Moz, the industry thought leader for SEO, released their annual research and analysis on the SEO ranking factors. Every year Moz performs an in-depth analysis in an attempt to answer the question “how do you rank number one on Google?” Unfortunately, the search engines do not share their actual algorithm, so we don’t know for […]

The Role of Content in Ecommerce

  There is a prevalent thought that content does not have a place in ecommerce. The typical arguments against content are that it impedes and distracts from a sale, that it does not fit nicely into the site architecture, or that it is a marketing “issue”. I would argue that content is an absolute necessity […]

The Changing Landscape of SEO

    According to a recent study conducted by Dr. Pete Myers of Moz, 85% of today’s search engine result pages (SERPs) contain new features. These new features have been slowly rolled out over the past couple of years, but are growing in the markets that they impact. And while these new features can be […]

What Happened to My Precious Keywords?

(Not Provided) Increases to 51% of Referring Keywords In October of 2011, Google began encrypting search data in an effort to offer greater security to the personalized data of its users. As a result, the referring keywords used by people to find your content online were hidden in Google Analytics and replaced with (Not Provided). […]

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