The Secrets to Successful Display Advertising for Franchise Businesses

Display advertising is one of the most effective ways to increase awareness for your franchise business online, and it should be an integral part of your digital marketing strategy. It is an inexpensive way for franchise brands to reach their audience at scale. And like traditional outbound advertising such as tv or radio ads, display […]

Virtual Addresses and Google Local Places Pages

As small businesses embrace the use of virtual office space as their main or and additional  location from which to run their business, many are running in to problems with Google Local Pages penalizing them for not having an actual storefront address. Simply stated, it is against Google’s policy for customers to use virtual office […]

You’ve Earned It!

Online reviews are a great tool for motivating prospective customers to learn more about your business. This user-generated content has incredible potential in helping you gain new customers. Encouraging online reviews can be a laborious, but necessary, part of a business owner’s life. In the world of B2B services, customers don’t automatically think about reviews […]

Give Your Marketing Team Control of Your Performance Media Campaigns

It is the middle of December. You lead the marketing team at a health insurance company the venus factor review , no doubt spending a significant amount of your budget on performance media (PPC, Remarketing, Paid Social, Display, etc…) to meet your acquisition goals. The deadline for open enrollment is quickly approaching. Your team reports […]

Marketing Messaging – Leading or Following?

  As I was listening to the radio yesterday, I heard (yet another) health insurance company commercial. In this particular commercial, Jim’s “couch” is bemoaning the fact that he is lonely because Jim is out doing things like hiking or mountain climbing rather than sitting home with the couch.  This commercial sounded almost exactly like […]

Web Analytics is a Valuable Agency Offering

  Understanding complex website data is becoming increasingly important for companies. How do visitors find your website? Once they arrive, how do the visitors interact with your site? What content do they consume? What pages on the site most often lead to a desired action? Are your visitors converting? Companies tackle these questions daily, and […]

Using Both PPC Advertising & SEO

Lora Baker Internet Marketing Specialist For a Technical Writing class back in 1996, one of my homework assignments involved looking up eight different well-known phrases on six different search engines. This was before the days when students all had laptops, so I trudged over to the library to start my assignment. I wasn’t even 100% […]

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