Franchise Marketing: Benefits of a Centrally Managed Domain

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How are your franchisee websites set up right now? Does each location have its own website and domain? If your answer to that question is ‘yes’, it’s time to re-evaluate your approach. You might be wondering, “Why can’t franchisees simply build their own websites?” It sounds like an easy solution, but franchisees don’t typically have the digital experience (or time) … Read More

PPC Best Practices for Franchises: The Hidden Factors That Can Influence Results

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Pay per click (PPC) marketing should be a primary tool in the franchise marketing toolkit. When set up and managed properly, a franchise PPC account allows for easy budget allocation and hyper-targeted ad distribution across the franchise network, ensuring that each location is getting its fair share of its marketing investment. However, just because two locations in similar sized markets … Read More

How Much Reporting and Transparency Do Your Franchisees Need?

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  Getting Franchisees to Buy into Your National Marketing Fund Implementing and maintaining an effective national marketing fund together with your franchisees is both an operational and psychological challenge. If franchisees had poor experiences in the past with corporate-level initiatives, marketing or otherwise, they may distrust programs they do not directly control. Given the benefits of well-managed national marketing, it … Read More

If Your Franchise Company Doesn’t Have a National Marketing Fund – You Need One

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As modern marketing continues to move toward digital channels, it becomes increasingly important for companies to build frameworks that can efficiently deliver strong marketing results to their networks. Most franchise companies recognize this, and have some form of co-op or national marketing fund. If your franchise company doesn’t, here’s why it should. The Marketing Fund Advantage As part of many … Read More

Parallel Path’s Louie Beaupre publishes article in Franchise World magazine

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Louie Beaupre, franchise industry executive and current Franchise Strategic Consultant at Parallel Path, is published in the May 2018 issue of Franchise World Magazine. Read the excerpt below and download the full article to read more. Shifting to a Higher Gear Together, franchisors and franchisees can prosper through improved alignment to build a stronger national marketing fund. The relationship between … Read More