10 Reasons Why You Should Focus on Ad Copy

Data is a huge part of our everyday in the PPC space.  We focus on keyword selections, bidding options, dimensions and advanced settings. However, do we really apply the same keyword principles as we should with our ad copy? Here are 10 reasons why you should stop only focusing on keywords and bidding and spend more time analyzing your ad copy.

  1. Ad copy is the first point of entry to a potential customer. Sure, they typed in a keyword to find your ad, but are your ads relevant? Does your ad have their keyword within the description, title?
  2. How are you differentiating yourself against your competition? It’s always a best practice to research your competition, but it’s more important to standout. If two ads both say the same thing, why would someone click on your ad? Focus on your sale, your guarantee, or quality product. These are key differentiators that will help lift your CTR and ultimately your Conversion Rate.
  3. Are your ads going stale? When was the last time you did an A/B test with ad copy? You’ve no doubt been adjusting bids this week, but have you adjusted your ads in the last two weeks, or even month? Make one small change (just as you would with landing pages) and let it run for a couple of weeks (or when enough time has passed to provide statistical relevancy). Make sure you alter your settings back to rotate evenly so the new ads have a chance.
  4. Have you tested your display url? Do you know if ‘www.shoes.com’ or ‘.shoes.com’ works better? Are you utilizing the forward slash to incorporate your keyword more? www.shoes.com/Nike_Shoes vs. http://www.shoes.com/Nike_Sneakers or www.shoes.com/NikeSneakers
  5. Are you solely relying on DKI, or have you found additional keywords to incorporate into your ad title? DKI is good for testing but it can be tricky. Obviously don’t ever use this for competitors, misspellings or broad keywords.
  6. What is your call to action? Have you tested “Get Info” vs. “Request Info”? Once you are able to isolate what works best, are you taking the same principles for the call to action on your landing page?
  7. Test out new messaging in your ad copy before you incorporate banner concepts. PPC is a very easy way to get a message or a unique offer up and see how the public is receiving it before you develop creative concepts.
  8. Brand: if you have a lot of companies bidding on your brand you must stand out. Make sure you are utilizing official or trademark symbols.  Repeat frequently in your ad copy and in your site links.
  9. Make use of ad extensions wherever applicable. This is defiantly another opportunity to promote your business, whether it’s a location, a phone number or site links.
  10. Differentiate your ad on mobile devices vs. desktop. People have the same search behavior to find what they are looking for, but they don’t necessarily behave the same way once they get to the site. This is why enticing them with limited-time offers with codes, or phone calls will help them perform the desired action right there.