I’m Thankful For . . Digital Technology

‘Tis the season to take a look back and recognize what you are thankful for. While I am sure this title already looks like a shameless plug, I assure you it isn’t. Here is what I am thankful for this season:

1. My Job – Ok, again before you stop reading understand that without this technology I wouldn’t have a job. So thank you to Yahoo!, YouTube and – oh yes – who could forget Google. I am able to have a job that is constantly changing, challenging, rewarding and always advancing how we as marketers think. I love my job.

2. Video Conferencing – Allows more one-on-one meetings without having to actually be present. Just yesterday my teammates and I had our Google rep send us a Google hangout and that allowed for more of a personal messaging. We maybe get to actually “meet” them only once a year, but with this technology we can have more engaging and productive meeting.

3. Kenshoo Automated Scheduling – Long gone are the days where we had to rise from our turkey coma and launch our Black Friday ads. We are now able to automatically schedule these actions and spot check our campaigns throughout the day. Without this feature, indulging on one of the best holidays just wouldn’t quite be the same.

4. Email – We now live in an environment which is constantly connected. Of course, this comes with it’s pluses and minuses. However, we are able to achieve so much more and achieve it faster with our ability to share documents, send proposals, and get approval on a new media buy. Love it or hate it, we couldn’t do our job without it.

5. Cloud documents – I used to have conversations that were constantly like this; “Have you saved out of that file?,” “No” “Ok let me know when you are done so I can add my information in there”. Now you can have multiple people in one document without constantly having to save and then let someone know. Efficiency is a beautiful thing.

6. YouTube – I am constantly getting from my parents, brothers, girlfriends of brothers, “Oh – you are the ones with those ads…?” Yes I am the one submitting those ads so you are able to view fresh, funny content. You’re welcome. Let’s be honest; without “those ads” you wouldn’t be able to see those videos. So in the spirit of digital content, I hope you get a laugh at this video as much as I do.

Baby George Laughing at Dad

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