Simple Excel Tricks for PPC Ad Copy Writing



When it comes to writing ad copy, the last thing you want is technology blocking your creativity. Follow these simple steps and you’ll be writing your ad copy more efficiently than ever!

Whether you’re new to PPC or you’re a seasoned ad copy aficionado, you should have an easy-to-access excel sheet with all the parameters set upon opening. Follow these 4 simple steps to Ad Writing Relief:

1.    Create headers at the top of the sheet.

Step into excel and write Campaign and AdGroup within A1 and B1, respectively. Fill in C1-K1 with Headline, Description Line 1, Description Line 2, Display URL, and Destination URL, allowing a space in between each.

2.    Create a length tab.

On the columns in between, (D2 to start), create a length formula by typing =LEN(

To complete this formula, click on the adjoining cell to the left. This will tell you the number of characters in that cell.

3.    Create conditional formatting.

Click on the length tabs in one particular column, go to the Home tab in excel and click the conditional formatting option. Select Highlight Cells Rules and choose Greater Than. Keep the style as classic, choose format only cells that contain, then cell value, greater than, and type the number depending on the requirements for each part of the ad. 25 for headline, 35 for description lines 1 & 2, and 35 for display URL. I usually choose to format with the light red fill with dark red text because that always gets my attention when I go over the character limit.

(If you find great pleasure in seeing that you’re in the positive, you can also add conditional formatting that will keep the cell green so long as it is less than the selected parameter).

4.    Save as a template in excel.

Go to File – Save As – Location “My Templates,” and you’re set to reopen it whenever you need to write your next ad! This will save you time and allow your creative juices to flow instead of setting up a new excel sheet each and every time a new promo arises or a new ad group is added. Enjoy!

Got some tricks of your own? Comment below and tell us about them!


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