I Want Candy & Creativity!


It’s Halloween week – candy corn, costumes, and the Disney classic Hocus Pocus are in full force for the next few days. And don’t forget to visit your neighborhood dentist’s house on Thursday night to get some delicious candy packaged with a new toothbrush and floss.

With all the enjoyment and excitement around this spooky holiday, brands are starting to capitalize. Halloween is a perfect time to get people to dress up in association with your brand. Take me for instance. Last year I was the Green M&M…that’s correct, the girl M&M.

The Halloween fun isn’t stopping at costumes. Take a minute and visit the Rackspace website. Everything looks normal at first glance. But look a little closer. On the left side of the screen next to the “Live Chat” option, you can see a spider web and a spider moving on the screen. Following the spider down to the bottom of the page, you can see that Zombies have evidently taken over the Rackspace web footer and turned it into a spooky, blood-dripping Halloween graveyard scene.

As a marketer, you learn to appreciate the little things that companies do to engage with their customers and make the experience more unique, as that is the biggest differentiator these days. In my opinion, this is marketing genius. It shows that even highly technical companies can be creative and have fun in the über-competitive marketplace that exists.

With the amount of sensory overload we experience every day from companies, take a moment to enjoy the little things that are done. I encourage you to visit Google on Halloween and many holidays to come to enjoy the Google Doodle of the day as well.

To all of you Ghostbusters out there, have a very safe and happy Halloween.

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