Top 7 Reasons Marketers Should Utilize Google Tag Manager



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Google Tag Manager is a marketing and tracking service for web analytics that allows users to place tags in order to measure traffic and optimize their online marketing. Instead of editing site code, marketers can now use Google Tag Manager to edit tags in the easy to use interface. Scroll down and find out all the reasons you should utilize this handy tool if you’re not already.

1.    You don’t have to contact IT to add/remove or update tags.

By learning the interface and placing the code yourself, you don’t have to wait for others to double check the codes if suddenly your daily conversions drop from 500 to 0. Another huge benefit is that it takes very little time to go live with tracking pixels, so you can spend more time developing strategy and analyzing the data.

2.    It’s made for marketers!

The interface is incredibly intuitive, letting you know exactly what piece of code needs to go where in order for the pixel to fire.  No need to have an computer science degree or any prior experience in Javascript!

3.    Straightforward Debugging.

There are options right on the page where you can debug the site and preview it to ensure the correct rule is firing on the correct page, allowing you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your conversions will be tracked correctly from the beginning.

4.    Works with Google as well as many other tags.

GTM supports both Google and non-Google measurement and marketing tags, so no matter what interface you want to track through, you’re able with custom HTML and image tag options. Whether you want to utilize Bing, Kenshoo or any other platform, you can do it all, for free, right here!

5.    It puts the power in the hands of you and your agency.

Nothing’s worse than having to tell your client that you can’t get back to them immediately because you’re waiting on people who don’t even work in your office to get back to you. Get rid of the hassle by keeping the tag manager power in the hands of your department, instead of trusting that Bob in IT has this at the top of his priority list.

6.    It saves version history.

So you just finished loading your new rules and tags into Google Tag Manager when the client suddenly tells you they’ve decided to revert to their old landing page. Not to worry, Google Tag Manager holds onto version history, allowing you to go back to a prior version with the simple click of your mouse. Tell them it’s going to take a few hours and head out to work on your golf game.

7.    Establish your own rules.

One of the greatest features about Google Tag Manager is the ability to fire a tag on people based solely on their actions on your site. If you want to set a tag to fire when someone adds a product to your cart, you can do that! All you have to do is create a rule which would say something like “when the URL matches ‘,’ fire the ‘example’ tag to note that this action has been completed.” Tracking exactly what you want has never been so easy.

As you can see, Google Tag Manager has made life easier for marketing personnel across all industries. With GTM, the time to market decreases significantly as the tracking pixels can be deployed immediately. If you’re an agency, you also don’t have to go through the client for changes in code, you’re in control and able to see that tracking is running smoothly. So rid yourself of any fears of tracking and take the reigns today!

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