What the Parallel Path Team is Doing to Stay Well at Home Right Now

It’s no secret health and wellness is kind of a big deal here at Parallel Path. It’s who we are as an agency (a healthy living spending account is even part of our benefits package), and it’s what we do: at work, at home, and in our communities. But, our ski lifts are closed and gyms are shuttered for the foreseeable future, and many of us are relegated to the four walls of our homes for a few more weeks at least. We’ve had to start getting creative about ways we are staying healthy—physically, mentally, and emotionally—at home.

This week, a thread on our fresh Slack account focused on what everyone was doing these days to stay well. Take a look and maybe you’ll get an idea for an activity you haven’t tried, yet. Happy weekend, and remember to take time each day for your own wellbeing!

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The #BoulderAgency Does Wellness at Home


  • “I have been doing push-ups, going on puppy walks, and will be playing lots of games with family (board games, euchre, poker, etc). Also taking lots of vitamins d, k, c, and b12.” —Daniel Cunningham, Performance Media Manager
  • “I deep cleaned the downstairs and set up a home gym.” —Eric Tyler, Digital Manager
  • “Keeping a routine, keeping the place clean and tidy, getting outside daily for walks with the dog and spend some time in the backyard/porch, playing Monopoly over video call with friends!” —Andrew Utech, Strategic Consultant
  • “Do homemade pineapple jalapeño margaritas count? Also, we set up a nice “gym class” Monday evening. It’s an MX4-style class where we have 4 stations, so one in each corner of our living room – like treadmill sprints for one, lunges with dumbbells, jump rope, and squats, for example. We draw a square with 4 quadrants on a whiteboard and write the 4 exercises in each. Then we blast some energetic music and use a mobile app to time our stations – 40 seconds exercise, 20 seconds rest/change stations for 2-3 rounds around the stations, then take a 2-minute break and change what the 4 exercises are for the 2nd half of the class. We are trying to do these after work on Mondays and Wednesdays. It’s pretty intense and a great full-body, varied workout that covers cardio and strength training within a relatively small space. The whole thing only takes 25-30 minutes. You could def pick some easier, more playful exercises and do this with a whole family and let each kid pick one of the “exercises”, you might end up with some fun and creative results!” —Tess Taylor, Associate Director, Project Manager
  • “I enjoy diffusing various essential oils to reflect my mood and to keep the air smelling fresh. Whether I want to feel energized, destressed or relaxed – there’s a scent to help! Also, I enjoy walking and playing fetch with our dog, Miles (he’s our featured photo above!) He is also great to scratch and snuggle with since he’s such a fluffy boy. I’ve also been call and catching up with friends from back home in WI. Before I used to only keep up via Facebook but talking is so much better! Our family is now using Zoom to catch up as a group. It’s so fun to see everyone, especially the kiddos! Lastly, my grade school age nephews recently connected with me via FB Messenger Kids. It’s so fun to see what’s on their mind, how they’re feeling every day and to ask them questions.” —Carrie Kleist, Digital Project Manager, Associate Director
  • “I ordered a small at-home free weights set, and some yoga blocks so I can continue to follow along with the classes virtually at home. In addition to walks/runs, it’s a great way to add variety into the mix and keep me grounded.” —Erin Varcoe, Digital Project Manager, Senior Manager
  • “So far some of my favorite quarantine activities have been: dying my roommate’s hair pink, creating an at-home spa day, starting a 2000 piece puzzle, making homemade hummus and watching the sunset from the middle of the road :)” —Ingrid Peterson, Digital Intern
  • “I try to stand up and stretch every hour or two. I am trying to run/workout outside a little bit every day and if I can’t do that, my girlfriend and I go on walks.” —Greg Garrison, Associate Director, Marketing Analytics
  • “I’ve been doing a lot of Zoom dates with my family. On Sunday we had over 20 members of the family on a single call! I’ve also been doing a lot of walks on our street with my young daughters, collecting leaves and sticks to make a “fairy garden” for them in our small patio. I am grateful to have our own little outdoor space these days!” —Megan Jooste, Content Marketing Manager

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