Growing a 70-Year-Old Outdoor Brand Through the Power of Digital Marketing

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Backpacker’s Pantry has seen +158% online revenue since we started working together.



Backpacker’s Pantry is one of the world’s foremost producers of freeze-dried food used globally by backpackers, campers, sailors, extreme athletes, explorers, and the US Ski Team. A true legacy brand, Backpacker’s Pantry stays true to its Boulder roots as a privately-held, family-owned and operated company committed to minimizing its environmental impact through partnerships with Terra Cycle, The Conservation Alliance, and 1% for the Planet. In a climate of closing retailers and consumers who are more and more confident buying directly from brands, Backpacker’s Pantry wanted to evolve its brand from legacy distribution channels to the modern method of reaching consumers directly on their terms…through their devices.


In 2014 Backpacker’s Pantry was still selling the vast majority of its products — a range of healthy and delicious meals, snacks, and desserts — in brick and mortar stores such as REI and Jax. With big box and mom and pop retailers struggling across the country, the brand knew it needed to grow its digital footprint to maintain its strong position in the market and approached Parallel Path with a need to help transform its direct to consumer efforts from an afterthought to a successful distribution channel.


Parallel Path developed a strategy that focused on capturing demand for backpacking food prior to and during peak seasons, nurtured consumers towards purchase confidence, and improved the consumer experience when engaging with the brand’s eCommerce website. Parallel Path implemented a host of services for Backpacker’s Pantry, including paid search advertising, review management, and website design and development. The agency continues to support the brand and our partnership has yielded incredible growth—and has allowed the company to address the significant and almost overnight shift in consumer behavior with the advent of the Coronavirus worldwide pandemic.


The results of our partnership with this legacy brand continues to break records and exceed expectations year after year. The website Parallel Path designed and developed has increased conversion rates by 30% Year over Year, and the company has experienced an increase in online revenue of 158% since the beginning of our partnership—and 4.5 years of sustained online revenue growth.

In 2019, Backpacker’s Pantry Paid Search advertising on branded search queries consistently positioned Backpacker’s ahead of Amazon during the peak season. 2019’s comprehensive paid search restructuring – based on 3 years of data & insights – facilitated highly targeted ad copy to ensure competitiveness (brand and non-brand). The results of this Paid Search restructuring have shattered expectations: clicks were up 40% in 2019, and the click-through-rate was up a whopping 327%.

Parallel Path continues to partner with this legacy brand as it navigates, evolves, and innovates through the uncharted territory in the months and years ahead.

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