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 One of the most powerful ways to increase brand awareness, conversion, and loyalty is through the creation and distribution of content. But there’s more to content marketing than good writing or pretty pictures.

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Parallel Path’s approach to creating blogs, videos, websites, whitepapers, guides follows a seven-step process; strategy, creation, planning & execution, and distribution & analysis. Each step in the process has been developed, tested, and re-tested — and the results speak for themselves. The content we’ve created does more than win multiple awards, it has led to record-shattering results for our client partners.

Our strategy includes selecting content types that achieve goals, distribution channels that reach your audience, and key performance indicators that measure success. How much content will we be building? What does our editorial calendar look like? What seasonal trends do we need to consider? What’s our plan for SEO? What channels will we distribute through? All these questions and more are answered before we turn things over to our talented team of content creators and media channel specialists.

We helped a health insurance provider rise above the competition with a strategy anchored on authentic storytelling. Insurance companies primarily have a three-month open enrollment period each year, giving marketing teams a small window to reach, educate, and convert consumers. Our client partner knew they needed to break through the clutter and resonate with their audience to meet their business goals. Parallel Path proposed a strategy that integrated digital and traditional media to amplify the reach of the client’s message. We crafted and executed an extensive and compelling media campaign named Life on the Western Slope to reach audiences through a variety of digital and traditional channels. It succeeded, and continues to exceed all expectations of reach and impact. 

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Good writing ultimately moves your audience towards your business goals. It creates high-value engagement, as users spend quality time interacting with your brand. Our proven approach to content ideation, writing, and distribution translate to real results for our clients.

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Photography makes a lasting impression on audiences across the digital landscape and beyond. Our talented and award-winning photographers bring your messages to life on computer, television, and mobile screens, billboards, bus stations, newspapers, and magazines.   

Video & Film

Video reigns supreme as a powerful medium that attracts and engages audiences. Videos are an impactful way to tell the story of who you are, and of the people you serve. Our strategic approach to video coupled with award-winning partners makes for content that performs.

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