Web Analytics

Extracting meaning from the babble.

Throughout the online and offline world, your clients are telling their stories — stories about their engagement preferences that have a direct impact on your business’s performance. With Parallel Path’s unique and comprehensive approach to digital analytics, we’ll help you understand those stories and their results. Forget about guessing which 50% of your marketing is working, because there’s a better way: use the data, effectively grow your campaigns, and reel in the business results.

General Benefits of Web Analytics

What Sets Parallel Path Apart?

Less Chaos... in Real Time
Thanks to Parallel Path’s technologies, data can exist in real time. We leverage Google Analytics with our own visualization tools to give you 100% faith in the information you’re using to make business decisions.
Decision Making on Steroids
When you trust your data it’s easy to streamline and speed-up decision making. You’ll grow revenues and profits, and your team will have more time to focus on other areas.
We’ve Been Around the Block
When it comes to tracking, we’ve been around since the beginning (anyone else remember UTM, aka Urchin Tracking Module?). Parallel Path experts have worked with the tracking code as it’s evolved into the Google Analytics we all know today.
DCI Included
Comprehensive web analytics are part of your larger Data Collection Infrastructure. This information doesn’t just inform marketing decisions. It begins to inform decisions for your business as a whole.

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